The colors of Flower Boy Next Door

I was originally writing this on my phone. After I posted it to tumblr, I realized, “Ah, I have a blog to post these kind of things!” So here it goes, replete with picture proofs.

I was watching the finale of Flower Boy Next Door last night and it kept jumping out at me how perfect this orange-blue color platelet looked. It’s no secret this particular combination has been the prevailing color scheme for the show. From being complementary accent colors to background decor, they blend in with the soft yellow glow of the lenses to provide a rich yet low key tone that I immediately fell in love with.

orange and blue as accent colors and my personal favorite, in this shot, foreground and background color blocks

Heartbeat Love Episode 1 Recap

He sits down. Across from him, his companion slides over a plane ticket and a wrapped up camera, urging him to embark on the same trip he went over a year ago.

She sits down. Across from her, the camera records her every bit of hesitance as she musters the courage to say, “I’m going to be honest with you from now on.”

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47th Golden Horse Film Festival Results

The 47th Golden Horse Film Festival took place today in Taiwan and the results are out. Since I didn’t write a prepost like I normally would, I’ll just plainly show you the nominees and announce the winners, no suspense there. You know the drill, click on the images to enlarge.

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Black & White prepares to hit the big screen (finally)

Beginning Nov 10th, the Black & White crew will gather together to film the much anticipated spin off movie. Roughly budgeted at 350 million TWD, the film is expected to complete production in 115 days and premiere next summer.

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Hi friends, readers and passersby! Have you all been feeding your drama addiction while I’m gone?

What’s that? You were sad to see me disappear without so much as a warning? You broke your mouse hitting the refresh button hoping for an update? Oh that’s very kind of you (and narcissistic of me — c’mon let me feel self-important for a moment will ya?).

Well, I’ve been busy. I went on a vacation, moved from one place to another, and… surprise! I’m moving again in a few days (yeah it’s been stress and stress). So when life settles, I’ll be back and hopefully find my old sense of humor and a good drama to recap (or if I can’t find one, finish the many unfinished drafts already sitting on my hard drive). Meanwhile, what’s everybody been watching? Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Queen of Reversals?