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Bull Fighting Episode 17 (Last Episode)

Continuing from the last episode, Shen Guo Chen decides to give up his position as the director of his company. On the press conference, Shen Ruo He announces the decision in place of his father.

Yi Shen Xue stand outside of the company’s building, holding the other watch, standing close (about 9 floors apart) praying for Ruo He. Inside, right after Shen Ruo He announces the news to the press, He Feng Bank’s director arrives. Her announcement to the press marks the predicted turning point of the flow of things. She returns the company to Shen Ruo He, making the deal that if he doesn’t make sure the company operates normally by the end of 1 year’s time, she will then take over the company. The “ground breaking” news of Shen Ruo He regains the company after resigning for his father makes him the most discussed person of the day on TV and newspaper.

Meanwhile, Shen Ruo He and Director He goes back to meet with Ruo He’s father who emphasizes that he will not force Ruo He’s marriage with He Qian Na. Director He expresses her complete understanding of Shen Ruo He now. What a quick change of heart, no wonder people always say a woman’s emotion is a fickle thing. She introduces Jin Zi Cong’s appearance, who reveals that the sudden change of decision is because Master Wu uses the 13th Street as deposit in order to help Ruo He’s family business. Recovering from surprise, Ruo He’s father reminds Ruo He to chase Shen Xue back. Before Ruo He rushes to the press to do a cliche confession in front of the press, Zi Cong proposes a better idea.

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Bull Fighting Episode 16

“When two people hold hands together, they are connected. Your worry becomes my worry, your bravery becomes my bravery. Your regret becomes my regret…”

Shen Xue and Ruo He talks about their future in a little forest of eating bananas and rolling in mud under a rather awkward atmosphere. They get off together at a station and encounters Ruo He’s father waiting for them already. Shen Xue blatantly lies that watching him from afar would have suited her better so now she’s returning him to his father. In a series of struggles, a monkey falls out from Shen Xue’s bag. Seeing the monkey, Ruo He understands that Shen Xue has planned to give him up earlier. Unhappily, Shen Ruo He walks away without turning back. Yi Shen Xue, having watched him go resorts to a flashback of her conversation with Shen Ruo He’s father. In the flashback, the audience is told that Yi Shen Xue accepted Shen Ruo He’s father’s deal to test their love by returning Shen Ruo He to his father. Heartbroken, Shen Xue calls Zi Cong to pick her up. They come back to the train station where Shen Xue has written I xxxx You. She leaves a monkey and her watch, which is set to stop on the present date, hoping that one day it can be reactivated.

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