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Golden Bell Award 2009, Pre-Post

The 44th Golden Bell Award nominations came out on the 10th. I planned to write a paragraph or two about it and cram it in one of those E-News Round Ups (read the last AND first one here). But since 1) I’ve already devoted a hefty amount of time recapping some of the dramas and 2) condensing the information (and comments) into a few paragraphs is going to test my ability to be succinct (translates to: too much trouble), I thought I might as well do it the proper respect and give it its own post.

In summary, there is a total of 1,435 pieces competing for 33 awards this year. Out of the submitted pieces, only 149 made it to the final round at the award ceremony, which is scheduled to be hold on — mark your calendar (or wait for my after post) — the 16th of October.

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Hot Shot, from Hot Shot

While most dramas get to sell one soundtrack (or one set of soundtracks), Hot Shot gets three — Show Luo is currently promoting his new album, Trendy Man, which features the second Hot Shot theme song called… ummhmm, Hot Shot.

Take a look at the music video that’s just out of the oven:

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Hot Shot: shot 16 (Last Episode) – The Ultimate Battle

Shot 16

“Listen up” DaYing snaps back through clenched teeth, “There is only one reason I would come back to this team: I came back to help my best buddy, not out of self-interest. But you, you thought I was a self-serving manipulator after all this?” He throws his arm in disbelief and walks away from Xiang to retrieve his bag. But Xiang’s not finished. He closes his eyes and continues calmly, “You sound so heroic. No need to beat around the bush. If you still have feelings for JieEr, just say it, I can put a large red bow on her and give her to you.” “WHAT-ARE-YOU-SAYIN’? Enraged, DaYing smashes his bag against the floor, marches towards Xiang and jams a fist in Xiang’s cheek, sending him into the wall. “Did I say something wrong?” Xiang continues to be a pain in the ass despite DaYing’s anger. Indignant, DaYing replies with syncopated emphasis, “You may verbally assault me but don’t you dare denigrate JieEr’s love for you.”

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Hot Shot: shot 13 – Distance

Shot 13

You go on dates, reach first base, but when you try to confess, things go bad. She starts to avoid you, not returning your calls, and practically disappears from the surface of the planet. What do you do now? Bite pillows? Sit in a corner and read Proust? Or do you…

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