Meteor Shower 2 Rains Angst

As previously mentioned, Meteor Shower 2 is — or was — looking for a second female lead to play Zheng Shuang’s love rival. And, they’ve found her: this past year’s super girl Tan Lina.

I say Tan Lina, lose that hair and I will give your acting debut a try.

The girl may be a first time actress but “they”, as in the marketing department over at eemedia, say she’s good. Honestly, it’s too early to tell and this preview doesn’t provide too much of an inside scoop anyway. But I do know, there will be A LOT of angst flinging our way. See for yourself.

On a positive note, no more dubs to endure (last complained about here) AND don’t you just love the dorky glasses on Zhu Zixiao?

via: hunan tv

10 thoughts on “Meteor Shower 2 Rains Angst”

  1. eh? wat’s with the hair?? Dont tell me that second leading girl will be in the drama with that kind of rock-n-roll hairstyle??? Isnt she supposed to be a girl from a rich family right?? There is no way the parents gonna let her to have that hair style.. Dont understand the makeup & costum coordinators at all.

  2. i saw the previews before on tudou and that is one of the reason why i hate sequels to romance dramas because a third person ALWAYS appears and causes trouble between the couple. i just want Yunhai and Chu Yuxun to be together! so much misunderstandings and stuff, makes me so frustrated when they can’t get together! and i don’t really think tan lina is that pretty, they really gotta fix up her hair, didn’t they learn from Yu Haoming?! hahahah

  3. That Tan Lina really doesn’t fit the casting condition of looking better than Zheng Shuang. Zheng still looks prettier than Tan.

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