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The colors of Flower Boy Next Door

I was originally writing this on my phone. After I posted it to tumblr, I realized, “Ah, I have a blog to post these kind of things!” So here it goes, replete with picture proofs.

I was watching the finale of Flower Boy Next Door last night and it kept jumping out at me how perfect this orange-blue color platelet looked. It’s no secret this particular combination has been the prevailing color scheme for the show. From being complementary accent colors to background decor, they blend in with the soft yellow glow of the lenses to provide a rich yet low key tone that I immediately fell in love with.

orange and blue as accent colors and my personal favorite, in this shot, foreground and background color blocks

Bodyguards and Assassins Overview & Impression



Great movie, one that will stay with you for a long time.


Set in the tail end of Imperial China, the movie revolves around a small incident in history — Sun Yat-sen‘s trip to Hong Kong to discuss details of revolution against the Qing Dynasty. Due to the political sensitivity of the visit, revolutionary activists are called upon to protect Sun against assassins sent out by Empress Dowager Cixi.

Though situated at a time of political upheaval, the movie isn’t one that praises the revolutionary effort ad nauseam. It tells the story of ordinary people — the unsung heroes, whose involvement are driven by feelings more basic than superfluous visions of grandeur.

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Overview: Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together

A few weeks after this drama had completed its broadcasting, I stumbled upon it. Since I wasn’t doing a whole lot of drama watching, I thought checking it out wouldn’t hurt (after all the publicity, who wouldn’t be a little curious?). So I did and boy, was the experience one of exquisite contradiction!

Let's Watch Meteor Shower Together

It felt as if I took the sommelier’s advice and ordered really good white wine. Because it was so great, I sped through the whites to get to the reds, thinking things’ll only get better. But when the reds came, I’ve already overshot my bliss point and was slowly heading towards aversion. It was all downhill from there.

Sounds confusing? Allow me to explain myself better.

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Black & White – A Montage-esque After Post

As a compromise between the poll result and what I was willing to do, I’ve decided to write an After Post rather than a comprehensive Overview. The latter simply takes too much time.

In this After Post, I’ll rant and rave about what I liked (characters) and what I didn’t like (characters!) — because I’ve been itching to dissect them for a long time! *evil cackle* I’ll re-post a selection of screen shots since they sum up the fine points of this drama quite well. Finally, by reader Lisa’s request, I’ll talk about my expectation of the Black & White movie to wrap up this post. (God, I sound like a snotty critic writing this! And, it’s about to get worse… Bear with me.)

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Kami no Shizuku Overview

This drama is undoubtedly archetypical in every way, whether it be plot, character, or the frame of each mini excursion. A reductionist might say that this kind of drama provides no element of surprise because each component follows a specific pattern. True. But on a holistic level, I think the fun resides in the act of exploiting the protagonist’s talent with each episode of the drama.

So the verdict: I like it, to an extent. I think it’s mildly amusing and potentially interesting (aside from Naka Riisa’s overacting). But, recapping is just too much work. 😀

Now, the overview:

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Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God

This two hour special aired two months after the Death Note Anime draws its completion. It’s a compilation of the major scenes from Death Note anime. I only came across it recently.

It started with a new Shinigami, bored with the mundane life of name writing, pays Ryuk a visit. He gives Ryuk a dried out Shinigami apple in exchange of Light’s disillusioned story of becoming God through the abuse of death note.

The retelling of the story draws clips from the anime series and starts in sequence of Light picking up the death note Ryuk dropped out of amusement, Light meeting Ryuk for the first time, and L’s first appearance. The SP cleverly hints Light’s brilliant bus scheme to find out the name of the FBI agent who has been following him. It then jumps into L’s personal encounter with Yagami Light’s father and his fellow policeYagami Light officers to discuss Kira’s killing patterns before returning to Light’s elimination of all the FBI agents. Light’s close catch of killing Ray Penber’s fiancée immediately follows. The story proceeds with L securing cameras and recorders in Light’s house, Light in response, stealthily executes more people with the portable TV hiding inside the bag of chips. It still eludes me how he placed the portable TV inside the bag of chips in the first place. At any rate, Misa is soon introduced as the second Kira through the tape she sent to the TV station.

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Monster, Stop Probing My Emotions!

The Three Frogs

Monster is, like coffee, an acquired taste. More specifically, black coffee. There’s nothing creamy or sugary about it, yet the delivery of ideas and the unfolding of twists have a bitter and intense precision to them that make the aftertaste thoughtful and unforgettable. It’s captivating in the most uncaptivating way, like the scent of coffee, slowly entices you and steals you away without you noticing. I don’t think I’ve ever used up that much tissue on any particular anime. Watching it is, definitely, emotionally exhausting.

Kenzo TamaNina

On a different note, the portrayal of Johann is surprisingly accurate in terms of pertaining to the clinical description of a sociopath. Additionally, Anime Keep did a really good job translating for this anime. The ending is terribly suspenseful and disturbing, but it ended well.


Here is a segment of one of my favorite parts of the anime. And, my favorite character, present to you, the Magnificent Steiner (!):