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Heartbeat Love Episode 1 Recap

He sits down. Across from him, his companion slides over a plane ticket and a wrapped up camera, urging him to embark on the same trip he went over a year ago.

She sits down. Across from her, the camera records her every bit of hesitance as she musters the courage to say, “I’m going to be honest with you from now on.”

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Hi, My Sweetheart Preview

Since I last complained about its lack of previews, stills, and posters, the production team has been working its butt off to meet the November 1st deadline (when the drama will start its round of broadcasting). The male and female leads are spotted shooting bland stills for the drama (despite the liveliness of the actors, the stills look unimpressive and — might I be blunt — empty. The result of a lack of time I suppose? In any case, check ’em out here if you haven’t already done so.) and 30 second previews have been creeping their way onto the internet. Then, there’s the hour-long BTS aired this past weekend.

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TWDramas to be Aired (Oct ’09)

Show Luo in Hai Pai Tian Xin

This must be a  joke. Or April Fools arrived early.

I don’t mean Show Luo’s new image in the upcoming drama Hai Pain Tian Xin/Shanghai Sweetheart/Hi My Sweetheart (read the synopsis here) that’ll replace Roseate-Love, ended just this weekend (finally!). In fact this dorky, mushroom hair and big glasses combination reminds me of singer/songwriter Lu Guangzhong (image here), and I think it’s quite adorable.

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Joe Cheng Releases First EP

Following It Started with a Kiss star Ariel Lin’s release of her first album, her good friend and co-star Joe Cheng is also debuting into the music industry; but with a less ambitious product — an EP, on the 25th.

When I learned that Joe Cheng (Love or Bread?, They Kiss Again) landed with a singing contract back in August, I was worried that this endeavor might bring him little success but more so on the quality of the music. After all, I’ve heard him sing in Summer x Summer and I wasn’t impressed.

Joe Cheng has expressed reluctance with respect to his singing several times but fans and friends (Lin Zhilin, Ariel Lin, and Rainie Yang among those) are supportive nonetheless.

Encouragement aside, I still think his techniques are questionable. You be the judge:

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Golden Bell Award 2009, Pre-Post

The 44th Golden Bell Award nominations came out on the 10th. I planned to write a paragraph or two about it and cram it in one of those E-News Round Ups (read the last AND first one here). But since 1) I’ve already devoted a hefty amount of time recapping some of the dramas and 2) condensing the information (and comments) into a few paragraphs is going to test my ability to be succinct (translates to: too much trouble), I thought I might as well do it the proper respect and give it its own post.

In summary, there is a total of 1,435 pieces competing for 33 awards this year. Out of the submitted pieces, only 149 made it to the final round at the award ceremony, which is scheduled to be hold on — mark your calendar (or wait for my after post) — the 16th of October.

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