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They Kiss Again Episode 20 (Last Episode) Recap

Alright, it’s the last episode and it’s a Zhi Shu and Xiang Qing’s exclusive special, and ~rosie requested it. So here we go:

In the quiescence of the night, Xiang Qing’s phone starts to ring. Ring Ring Ring, Xiang Qing clumsily stumbles across the bed, fumbling for her phone. It’s Ah Jin and Christine calling from England, wearing traditional Chinese wedding clothes, spreading their newly wedded happiness. Flipping the phone shut, Xiang Qing looks out of the window, letting the joy of Ah Jin and Christine’s matrimonial unity sinking in. Zhi Shu gently approaches and hugs her from behind.

I’m glad Ah Jin and Christine worked out.
Sorry that I woke you up.
It’s alright. I can’t sleep when you are stumbling around. … Sorry, I forgot to turn the light on for you last night when I went to sleep.
It’s alright. It’s like life, only after stumbling around can happiness be found. Look at Ah Jin now, he’s incandescently happy.
Did you know, having you, is, the best thing in the world.

Holding Xiang Qin in both arms, Zhi Shu bends down, buries his head into her hair and lightly kisses the nape of her head. Once, twice, then a third time. Xiang Qin turns around to return his kiss. They kiss again. More passionately.

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They Kiss Again Last Episode Preview and Thought

Well, it’s the last episode.

Despite it’s Excellent rating, the pervasive silliness that’s supposedly laugh-provoking is too much for me to stand. Not to mention the oh-so-fake supporting actor/actresses. But, I think the two main character deserve some appraisal. I take my hat off to Ariel Lin for convincingly portray a brainless, impulsive Yuan Xiang Qing, as irritating as the character may be from time to time; and Joe Cheng for the half smiles, the teases, and the tenderness he displays towards Xiang Qing. (melts)

The perview looks rather sad. Xiang Qing is pregnant, for real this time. But she’s unhappy and runs away from home. Presumably the baby is prone to or already acquired birth defects as foreshadowed in an earlier episode where Zhi Shu made a speech about the possibility of genetic mutation and uses him and his wife as an example.

The audience is expected to shed tears along Xiang Qing’s trial as she revisits famous sites from It Started with A Kiss where Zhi Shu and her first kiss, first date, etc. And then Zhi Shu finally finds her after a lot of angst (and more tears), comforts her, takes her back home. Everybody’s happy. The end.

I always think, if this drama weren’t So exaggerated and irritatingly idiotic, I would really enjoy watching Joe and Ariel’s interaction. Unfortunately They Kiss Again focuses on the typical Taiwanese humor whose charm evades me, completely. Fortunately, Ariel is confirmed to act in two new dramas, one of which will have Joe Cheng as the male lead, although unconfirmed (detail here). Let’s just Hope (with the capital H) for something good.