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When Edward Cullen Meets Sweeney Todd

I don’t typically do this, I mean I’ve never done it before. Y’know, writing this whole extended scene that sort of works itself into the (anti-)fan fic category. (Read as anti-fan fic not anti fan-fic.) Anyway, here’s something silliness for y’all to read!

Frou Frou – Holding Out for a Hero

ACT I: At Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pie Shop
Enters Edward Cullen with his hair in “casual disarray“, purportedly sexay but in fact resembles a bird’s nest after an egg beater swirled around for maximal effect.

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Love in the Time of Cholera renders me.. speechless.

Don’t mind me. This is just a rambling about the ending I am so utterly dissatisfied with, written with minor vulgar language and a little too much seriousness.

Gabriel García Márquez is ingenious when it comes to recounting the irrational state of being in love. The narration is masterful, especially the mundane little quarrels in life, in married life. (Kind of makes you take a step back and rethink marriage in the cost and benefit way: if domestic security out weights your dislike for boring, repetitive everyday life and the annoyance your counter part evokes from time to time, then you’ll ace the marriage 101.) There is barely any character development, which somehow fits in the story like a hand in a glove. And Márquez’s got a perverse sense of humour. I just love how after the elaborate establishment for the fear of old age and the celebration of youth (and definitely fertility), Dr. Urbino died from falling off a tree in attempt to catch a foul mouthed owl. Of all things, he fell from a tree and broke his neck!

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