Black & White prepares to hit the big screen (finally)

Beginning Nov 10th, the Black & White crew will gather together to film the much anticipated spin off movie. Roughly budgeted at 350 million TWD, the film is expected to complete production in 115 days and premiere next summer.

Unfortunately, both Vic Zhou and Janine Zhang will not participate in the movie but the cast will enjoy the addition of Terri Kwan (as the owner of a bar), Angelababy (as a physics professor), and Alex To (as team leader of the CIA). To compensate for the missing “ruffian”, the story will take place before Mark Zhao’s character have met Vic Zhou’s character — in other words, it’s prequel to the drama.

If it’s any consolation to you disappointed Vic Zhou fans, the movie title, roughly translated, is “Black & White Chapter One: Open Fire” ( 痞子英雄首部曲:全面開戰), hinting at possible sequels in the future that will have to include Vic Zhou. Besides, all those lose ends left at the concluding episode are dying to be tied up!

via: nownews, liberty times, & epoch times

2 thoughts on “Black & White prepares to hit the big screen (finally)”

  1. I know this is kinda belated, but I just stumbled onto this site; I haven’t been able to find many good recap blogs of T-dramas, and I just had to comment to say your recaps are really good.

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