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Betty Sun, “Embrace Love on Tippy Toes”

I started paying attention to Betty Sun after being dazzled by her performance in New Shanghai Bund. Admittedly, most of my time was spent ogling at Mr. Heartthrob extraordinaire Huang Xiaoming during the brief yet memorable1 Shanghai Bund craze. But the fangirling didn’t blind me to the talents that beholds our actress, who, incidentally, is capable of both playful mischief and convincing innocence.

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JJ Lin, The Bleak Hundred Days is Over

JJ Lin’s new release, Hundred Days, is sleeker and more mature compare to his earlier albums. — I do miss the more grandiose compositions in the olden days, but the progression is a welcomed one. — The change in style is a direct reflection of JJ’s personal experience, which, he discusses in an interview with Baidu.

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Shu Qi, The Story from Her Perspective

From the belittling occupation of a porn star to super-stardom, Shu Qi proved herself both capable and talented. Yet the Golden Horse Best Actress award and the honor to be the first Asian actress to model for GUESS don’t mask the fact that she was once the sex goddess of many men’s wet dreams — still is, but in a less exposed and more sophisticated way (read: covered up and naked no longer).

But what of this inglorious past that she seldom mentioned in her 13 years of acting career? And of her childhood? In a Shen Chun Hua’s Life Show interview, she openly discussed her side of the story. Though not entirely enthusiastic in her account — understandable –, she exhibited a charm derived from candor and a rare quality of fearlessness.

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Tsai Yueh Hsun, A Director’s Black and White

Despite its 2.12 average rating, Black & White‘s success can be seen on PSP, torrent, youtube/dailymotion, and various self-hosted video streaming sites and blogs — hardly a profit-friendly recognition, but I hope there’s enough revenue made to cover the costs. Director Tsai, the man who made the drama possible, who is going to make the sequel movie possible, is at core, the real star of the show.

Patty Hou’s interview with Tsai Yueh Hsun and his wife Yu Xiao Hui on Azio Entertainment reveals Director Tsai to be more than the fortitudinous director with vision and ambition; he is at once a man with depth, a considerate friend with keen observation and a loving husband determined to make his marriage last.

The interview is humorous at times and serious at others. Here, the slightly truncated interview:

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Vic Zhou, From Prince to Prick

Although Meteor Garden was an instant hit that pushed the genre of idol drama to the center stage of Taiwanese entertainment, I didn’t care for it.

Suffice to say that for an idol drama, a pretty face supersedes the ability to act — with few exceptions. For that reason, Meteor Garden failed to reach me on an emotional level. But since then, the pretty faces who owe their thanks to Meteor Garden have grown and became more than just another pretty face.

In a recent interview on Shen Chun Hua’s Life Show (沈春华Life秀), Vic Zhou — the brooding Hua Ze Lei from eight years ago and the now gallant Chen Zai Tian — unveils stories about his childhood, family, relationship, and how he has changed over the years.

I was impressed with the unassuming way in which he presented himself. He is not a great speaker, but a candid one that demonstrated his family value along with a sense of maturity and a willingness to embrace the past.

Here is the interview:

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