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Black & White prepares to hit the big screen (finally)

Beginning Nov 10th, the Black & White crew will gather together to film the much anticipated spin off movie. Roughly budgeted at 350 million TWD, the film is expected to complete production in 115 days and premiere next summer.

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17 Movies You Might Want to See in 2010, Part 1

2010 looks to be an exciting year for the Chinese film industry. There is a fairly large selection lined up for the year to come and at first glance, the quality is reasonably proportional to the quantity. (There are a few I’m quite excited about.) Without further ado, let’s take a look.


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a compilation of the more heavily marketed films with either well known directors or actors. The movies are sequentially ordered by release date, not by preference.

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Golden Bell Award 2009, After-Post

Did you guess right? Or were you shocked?

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Golden Bell Award 2009, Pre-Post

The 44th Golden Bell Award nominations came out on the 10th. I planned to write a paragraph or two about it and cram it in one of those E-News Round Ups (read the last AND first one here). But since 1) I’ve already devoted a hefty amount of time recapping some of the dramas and 2) condensing the information (and comments) into a few paragraphs is going to test my ability to be succinct (translates to: too much trouble), I thought I might as well do it the proper respect and give it its own post.

In summary, there is a total of 1,435 pieces competing for 33 awards this year. Out of the submitted pieces, only 149 made it to the final round at the award ceremony, which is scheduled to be hold on — mark your calendar (or wait for my after post) — the 16th of October.

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E-News Round Up, 8/20 – 8/30

Originally I planned to fill the “What’s New” section (refer to panel on right) with Chinese Paladin 3 recaps, but the writing is getting monotonous and unrewarding. It’s time for a switch, say a rough entertainment news round up?

Marriage & Relationship

The hottest one right now is the news coverage on Andy Lau‘s marriage and children (impending and existing,) the fertility tests for a child, daily, sometimes multiple times per day. (Yes ladies, he’s happily married. Last June in Las Vegas.) Following the discovery of Andy Lau’s sneaky marriage, it’s now confirmed that Miriam Yeung (on Aug 11, 2008) and Leon Lai (on March 9, 2008) have also secretly married their respective partner in Vegas. Vegas seems to be the all time favorite wedding spot for the rich and famous!

Then, there was the serial report on Joe Chen/Chen Qiao En (Fated to Love You, Prince Turns into Frog)‘s split with her Australian boyfriend of four years proceeding her newly discovered, alleged “romantic” involvement with Easy Fortune Happy Life costar Roy Qiu (Invincible Shan Bao Mei) — which I planned to write about but eventually gave up on account of extreme heat. I know that’s a pathetic excuse, but let’s face it, this weather really is too hot for writing. I’d rather be spitting out watermelon seeds under a fan than staring into a computer screen.

Anyway, they seem to spark great chemistry on and off screen. Whether this hook-up is true or not, I hope paparazzi’s attention doesn’t or didn’t smother any possibility for happiness.

via: ynet, udn, liberty times, omy, sina

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Black & White – A Montage-esque After Post

As a compromise between the poll result and what I was willing to do, I’ve decided to write an After Post rather than a comprehensive Overview. The latter simply takes too much time.

In this After Post, I’ll rant and rave about what I liked (characters) and what I didn’t like (characters!) — because I’ve been itching to dissect them for a long time! *evil cackle* I’ll re-post a selection of screen shots since they sum up the fine points of this drama quite well. Finally, by reader Lisa’s request, I’ll talk about my expectation of the Black & White movie to wrap up this post. (God, I sound like a snotty critic writing this! And, it’s about to get worse… Bear with me.)

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Black & White, Episode 24 (Final Episode)

It came after all, the danger of carrying the chip. A self-important killer steps out in front of Xi Ying and rests his rifle on one shoulder. He smirks arrogantly and says, “Kill you or not, I’ll get the chip.” — speaking too soon — before the smug smile can disappear, the lights in the subway station shut off.

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