Hi friends, readers and passersby! Have you all been feeding your drama addiction while I’m gone?

What’s that? You were sad to see me disappear without so much as a warning? You broke your mouse hitting the refresh button hoping for an update? Oh that’s very kind of you (and narcissistic of me — c’mon let me feel self-important for a moment will ya?).

Well, I’ve been busy. I went on a vacation, moved from one place to another, and… surprise! I’m moving again in a few days (yeah it’s been stress and stress). So when life settles, I’ll be back and hopefully find my old sense of humor and a good drama to recap (or if I can’t find one, finish the many unfinished drafts already sitting on my hard drive). Meanwhile, what’s everybody been watching? Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Queen of Reversals?

11 thoughts on “Hi!”

  1. Hi, welcome back!!! … It is sad when you are not around. I understand your frustration in term of house moving.. I hate it the most.. It is tiring to look for a new place, check out furnitures and the actual moving as well… 🙂
    A lot of good Korean dramas have said goodbye in last couple of weeks… Sadly SKKS will end soon as well.. 🙂

    Zhang Wu Yan is one of Taiwanese drama in my list now… 🙂

  2. Hi…

    What have you been watching, irugnotmis? By the way, what does your username stand for?

    I’ve been watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, No Ordinary Family, Hellcats

    1. it’s taken from the word “ignoramus” with some tweaks.

      been watching the abovementioned Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Queen of Reversals, We Got Married (oh man it’s addicting) and sometimes 1 Night 2 Days. American shows wise, mostly comedy: The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Then there’s also House, Bones, Dexter, and Glee. quite a handful, no?

      1. Haha. Bones is not on in Oz yet sadly but CSI is back 😉 Glee n Big bang theory is on my weekly must watch list 🙂
        We got married is a hot show now. I still laugh like crazy when watching 1n2d… Too bad that Invincible Youth lost its touch:( it is not fun anymore.
        I am waiting for Iryu 3 and Naganeboshi subbed to watch.

  3. Yes, it is quite a lot. I want to watch Bones and get started on Fringe but I’ll have to wait until after Mary Stayed Out All Night and Secret Garden finishes.

    Watched any films lately? Western, Korean or Japanese or Chinese?

    Which is your favourite pairing on Glee? Mine’s Sam-Quinn.

  4. Oh, you changed your theme… Just noticed. Yea, I read that post you wrote. Out of that checklist of yours, I have only managed to watch Hot Summer Days, Du Lala’s Promotion, Little Big Soldier… The Aftershock DVD is still lying around somewhere.

    Glee has good moments like the Duets episode, and it has bad moments like the Britney Spears episode, which was fun to watch, but had little plot. I think it’s because sometimes they build the episode around the songs.

    House can be addictive, I mean, I watched a few episodes and I had to force myself to switch the TV off. If I add it to my list of shows, I think I need 48 hours in a day.

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