Li Xiaoyun Plays Pilot to Promote New Album

Li Xiaoyun, our beloved Super Girl alumnus, released her first album, “All Blue“, today. To kick start the event and promote for her August 7th concert, she flew in from the sky as Miss Spiffy Pilot.

Her new album “All Blue” or “Ni Kan Dao de Wo Shi Lan Se de” features 10 songs; of the 10, 7 are written by hers truly. (I do like a singer who writes her own music.)

Below is a sample of track 1, a healing song custom made for Li Xiaoyun:

My favorites of the 10 would be (track 5): and her signature ballad (track 10):

Without further ado:

Track List:
  1. 你看到的我是蓝色的
  2. 习惯
  3. 爸爸给的坚强
  4. 被剧终的音符
  5. 我没那么狠心
  6. 微笑练习
  7. 你不在的时候
  8. 沉淀
  9. 我为谁而来
[album download]

via: xinmin

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