The colors of Flower Boy Next Door

I was originally writing this on my phone. After I posted it to tumblr, I realized, “Ah, I have a blog to post these kind of things!” So here it goes, replete with picture proofs.

I was watching the finale of Flower Boy Next Door last night and it kept jumping out at me how perfect this orange-blue color platelet looked. It’s no secret this particular combination has been the prevailing color scheme for the show. From being complementary accent colors to background decor, they blend in with the soft yellow glow of the lenses to provide a rich yet low key tone that I immediately fell in love with.

orange and blue as accent colors and my personal favorite, in this shot, foreground and background color blocks
You see Enrique wearing a lot of orange and red, initially. But as he opens up Dok-mi’s door (and by extension, Dok-mi), his colors start to shift. He starts to wear blue while Dok-mi begins to show more and more orange accents on her clothes. She wore orange and red before but usually in a more muted shade, in keep with her demure character.
The gradual color change builds up to a complete reversal where you see Dok-mi in more lively shades of orange and Enrique in blue (still vibrant, true to his chirpy personality) by the final episode. In the fireside scene, for example, Dok-mi is wrapped in an orange blanket while Enrique sits in a blue one.The subsequent scene, Dok-mi is covered entirely in an orange blanket and the visual balance is achieved with blue drapes and blue doors in the background.
Even the side characters (Dong-hoon and dark-circle PD) are often seen in this orange-blue complimentary. And It’s no surprise the colors themselves are a statement of the character’s personalities and the color shifts a reflection of characterial changes.
I actually really enjoyed the finale, as I have not done so for the past — I don’t even know how many — episodes. I think it’s a shame that such a quirky and layered show with this level of attention to detail lost direction once Dok-mi came out of her castle. The plot meandered and got bogged down by an artificial conflict with obvious solution(s). So it was delightful when the last episode renewed the cute and quirky that made me love the show in the first place — though not enough to forgive it’s misstep.

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