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Bodyguards and Assassins Overview & Impression



Great movie, one that will stay with you for a long time.


Set in the tail end of Imperial China, the movie revolves around a small incident in history — Sun Yat-sen‘s trip to Hong Kong to discuss details of revolution against the Qing Dynasty. Due to the political sensitivity of the visit, revolutionary activists are called upon to protect Sun against assassins sent out by Empress Dowager Cixi.

Though situated at a time of political upheaval, the movie isn’t one that praises the revolutionary effort ad nauseam. It tells the story of ordinary people — the unsung heroes, whose involvement are driven by feelings more basic than superfluous visions of grandeur.

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Next Stop, Happiness (Autumn’s Concerto) Episode 1 Recap & Impression

She was a talented child, possessing the slender fingers that can only belong to a pianist. She was an entitled princess, the privileged daughter of a wealthy businessman. She was happy, living with her father and his lover, whom she called auntie, in a beautiful maison, knowing nothing of the piles of debt her father swept under the rugs.

But like an ethereal bubble, her carefree world burst when her father stepped in front of a car and died.

The maison, the piano, and everything of value were taken, leaving little Liang Mucheng with no one to rely on but the stranger she called auntie.

Auntie tried to abandon Mucheng on the bus, but Mucheng held on. They traveled aimlessly, became hungry, and stole. When they were caught, a local lowlife saved them and took them back to his home. He fed them because he was interested in auntie. Mucheng was disgusted. She tried to leave. But auntie refused. “I’m tired,” auntie said, “I don’t want to live the life where I have to steal to stay alive anymore.” Reluctantly, Mucheng returned to the man’s home and ate the rest of the ramen.

That night, bending over a large basket of dirty dishes, Mucheng bit her lips and tied up her hair, kissing her all-too-brief blithe childhood goodbye.

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Black & White – A Montage-esque After Post

As a compromise between the poll result and what I was willing to do, I’ve decided to write an After Post rather than a comprehensive Overview. The latter simply takes too much time.

In this After Post, I’ll rant and rave about what I liked (characters) and what I didn’t like (characters!) — because I’ve been itching to dissect them for a long time! *evil cackle* I’ll re-post a selection of screen shots since they sum up the fine points of this drama quite well. Finally, by reader Lisa’s request, I’ll talk about my expectation of the Black & White movie to wrap up this post. (God, I sound like a snotty critic writing this! And, it’s about to get worse… Bear with me.)

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Kami no Shizuku Overview

This drama is undoubtedly archetypical in every way, whether it be plot, character, or the frame of each mini excursion. A reductionist might say that this kind of drama provides no element of surprise because each component follows a specific pattern. True. But on a holistic level, I think the fun resides in the act of exploiting the protagonist’s talent with each episode of the drama.

So the verdict: I like it, to an extent. I think it’s mildly amusing and potentially interesting (aside from Naka Riisa’s overacting). But, recapping is just too much work. 😀

Now, the overview:

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Triangle First Episode Impression

This is me recollecting my jumbled thoughts almost a week after watching the episode and trying to organize them in a coherent manner.

There is no glorification of the new Kansai 50th Anniversary drama packed with wondrous actors and gripping suspense, but there is quite a handful of spoilers since most of which constitute my impression arise from specific points in the episode. So halt here if you haven’t seen it and plan to. Because I do think it’s enjoyable and don’t want to spoil it for you.

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Eagle Eye Movie Impression

** Beware of Spoilers** (Well, just one. But if you don’t want to read the spoiler, don’t highlight the white patch.)

Personally, I think it helps the movie and the viewers to suspend the disbelief (so their BS detectors don’t go off flashing, beeping, going berserk in every conceivable direction during the first quarter of the movie) if they are informed that this is going to be a scifi movie set in the “future” that’s not so far detached from the society today. Meaning that it looks like a modern time movie, but it will be twofolds more believable if there was some sort of indication at the beginning, making clear that this movie isn’t set in present time.

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