47th Golden Horse Film Festival Results

The 47th Golden Horse Film Festival took place today in Taiwan and the results are out. Since I didn’t write a prepost like I normally would, I’ll just plainly show you the nominees and announce the winners, no suspense there. You know the drill, click on the images to enlarge.

The Best Film Nominees:The Fourth Portrait, Judge, When Love Comes, Bodyguards and Assassins, and Seven Days in Heaven

I was disappointed that Bodyguards and Assassins didn’t win… but somebody’s gotta win so When Love Comes did.

The Best Director Nominees:

For Best Director, Mong-Hong Chung of The Fourth Portrait took home the award.

The Best Actor and Actress Nominees:

Congrats to Ethan Ruan (Monga), who took home Best Actor. He’s participated in numerous drama roles but has yet to receive any award for it — and here he is, pocketing the biggest film trophy of the year. I think the main reason that recognition in the drama arena has eluded him many times has to do with the type of roles he played in. He’s free spirited and full of vitality in Exit No 6, intense and evocative in Monga but ridiculous — not in an appreciative way — and over-the-top in Fated to Love You or My Queen. So hopefully, he’ll continue to grow without limiting himself to projects that don’t necessarily give him the character depth to shine.

On the girls’ side, Lu Liping (City Monkey) raise above all and received the honorary title of Best Actress. Even so, I’d say the biggest winner is Tang Wei. After being frozen for several years, she’s not only back with a new citizenship and a new movie, but she’s showing those that shunned her what she’s capable of with the Golden Horse nomination. To think it’s only her second movie, now that’s somethin’.

The Other Winners:

  • Best Supporting Actor: Wu Pengfon, Seven Days in Heaven
  • Best Supporting Actress: Hao Lei, The Fourth Portrait
  • Best New Performer: Li Qianna (also formal One Million Star singing competition runner up)
  • Cinematography: Zhang Zhan, When Love Comes
  • Visual Effects: Nan Xiangyu and Li Yongji, Detective D
  • Art Direction: Peng Weimin, When Love Comes
  • Costume Design: Wu Lilu, Bodyguards and Assassins
  • Action Choreography: Hong Jinbao, IP Man 2 (award well deserved, the movie was indeed visually STUNNING)
  • Sound Effects: Du Mingzhi, Monga

Red Carpet

The red carpet of this year’s award ceremony is decidedly more colorful than last years but most of the pretty ladies are still leaning towards a more conservative and elegant style with the occasional bold and cute here and there.

See for yourself.

Xiao S (right) and Tiffany Hsu each sporting a white gown — simple but sexy.

Lin Chi Ling and Elva in the classical black. Among the black wearers are also Bowie Tsang, who honestly didn’t look too flattering in the dress, and Janine Chang’s polka dots.

And now a plethora of purples/lavender/and variation of such:

Beautiful Kara Hui (left) arrived as the 46th Golden Horse Best Actress. Sylvia Chang (right), director, actress, screenwriter and producer 4-in-1 unfortunately didn’t bring home any awards but a woman as successful as her doesn’t need to be further validated.

Vivian Hsu and Xie Xinying above, Tan Zhuo and Li Bing Bing below.

And now the cute and the demurred — Li Yijie and Li Qianna:

Zhang Jingchu, how I wish you were wearing a pearl necklace:

Now for some bold creativity or wacky sense of style — which ever you prefer — that’s only in tune with Cai Kang Yong’s usual style, I present to you, host and hostess of the award ceremony:

Last but not least, the guys:

Ethan Ruan the big winner and Nicholas Tse who just missed best supporting actor.


via: sina, 163, crienglish

6 thoughts on “47th Golden Horse Film Festival Results”

  1. Hi, I found ur blog while I’m searching for Fated To Love You recaps. I marked ur blog as my source to Taiwan/Hong Kong/China entertainment but apparently u haven’t post anything since Nov’2010… If u still access this blog pls refer me to website or blog which provide info from Taiwan/Hong Kong/China entertainment in English sub. Thanks before & nice to see ur blog

    1. I know I know I haven’t been posting, which I do intend to… just haven’t been in the “right” mood.

      Now, for Chinese entertainment related info in English, do you mean news or drama recaps? For news I get mine through Chinese websites but Crienglish is pretty good with providing news in English. As for other recap sources, sorry, I really can’t help you with that one.

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