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Love or Bread? Episode 2

Shan Mei and Frank, they’ve got to be the oddest pair there is. What would you do if you see the last person you want to see in the most unlikely place? Say, your home. Walk away quietly pretend you didn’t recognize the person and move out at the next opportunity, right? Nuh-uh, that’s not what either one of them would do. At least, that’s not what happened.

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Love or Bread? Episode 1

Dream is the passage between night and day. It can bring light to darkness, it can also bring darkness to bleakness. Too much dreaming can numb the mind and exacerbate the “bad” to “worse”, but the natural inclination to dream is strong nonetheless. Some dreams of wealth, fame, and success, others of love, family, and security. Cai Jin Lai or Frank, as he prefers to be called, promptly falls under the former; Zeng Shan Mei the latter.

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