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Gourmet 24 (last episode)

To end the drama with a cook-off — how characteristic of Gourmet.

Although in the first round of appetizer, Sung Chan lost by a single point, the highlight of the competition has just begun. The two main dishes will determine, or even overturn the current result. The bad news is, Sung Chan doesn’t take the current score very well. He is sweating like a pig. (Quick, Jin Soo, give him a hug AND a kiss so he can stop fidgeting!)

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Gourmet 22

Friendly Advise: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, maybe you should put a box of tissue where your hands could reach.

Within the short span of a few days, a million things seems to be happening in Un Ahm Jung. The real source of the problem is found to be salt, not just the soy beans. Bong Joo and Joo Hee’s engagement is called off. Bong Joo and Joo Hee’s father faced a direct confrontation that puts them in an impasse. Joo Hee fainted. Sung Chan kissed Jin Soo. Min Woo started on the vendetta, with Joo Hee’s dad. Bong Joo faced the inspection of tax bureau. And Chief Oh repented for pushing Bong Joo so hard that he turned into a bitter headed cynic.

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Gourmet 20

For those who have brothers and sisters, sibling rivalry is a difficult lesson to master. Especially when the brother you’ve been on good terms with suddenly takes away something you’ve righteously claimed as yours with unblinking ease. The jealousy and resentment are bitter pills to swallow.

With desires for attention and affection to deal with, the discovery that Joo Hee has paid a visit to Sung Chan cracks Bong Joo at last. In a blind state of white wrath, he demands, rather rhetorically, why must circumstance place him inferior to his brother? The engagement is reconsidered, which, may not necessarily be a bad thing for Joo Hee in the long run, but is hurtful news to her at the present. Unfortunately, circumstance hasn’t had its fair share of “fun” yet. Bong Joo receives a call, informing him of the committee’s rejection to his proposal to host the kimchi exhibition. Joo Hee chases out in attempt to placate Bong Joo when they, in an abrupt halt, come face to face with Sung Chan and Jin Soo.

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Gourmet 18

Joo Hee decides to visit Suk Dong. While she’s sitting awkwardly with Suk Dong’s grandma, Suk Dong is visiting his mother. He sees her. She is happy. She has a new family now. Two kids, one boy, one girl. She sees him standing outside of her door with his back turned towards her. She walks by him, looks back and then walks on.

When Sung Chan finds Suk Dong, he is sitting on the pavement, crying by himself. The poor guy doesn’t understand, if his mother left him, then why does she keep sending back packages? Why not just take off and never trouble her pretty head over him? As they speak, the family returns. Suk Dong jumps up and hides behind the wall, leaving only his head poking out to look at his mother. The woman sees him, says nothing, and enters the house.

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Gourmet 16

When Jin Soo’s boss peaked into his employer’s computer, discovered a draft of the mystery behind Un Ahm Jung, and published it under Jin Soo’s name, he has also opened a Pandora’s box. Scandal, trouble, mistrust, and alienation, flew out of the box at once, infusing the impacted people’s sleepless nights with anxiety.

Blatant lies, false blames, vicious biting backs became the byproduct of fear and Un Ahm Jung’s main method of damage control. Min Woo’s assistant will be scarified as the escape goat, he will be the one who attempted to steal Sung Chan’s food source under the name of misdirected royalty to Min Woo. Bong Joo and Min Woo will not only walk away unscratched, they also plan to sue Sung Chan and the magazine for the damage done on Un Ahm Jung’s reputation.

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Gourmet 14

Practice after practice. Then more practice. Suddenly, a light bulb turns on, Sung Chan remembers a recipe his father taught him and finalizes his dish for the final round of the competition. End of practice.

Jin Soo lets herself in to visit her beau at her heart’s yarning. Sung Chan asks for the purpose of the visit, Jin Soo is tongue tied for reason but eventually brings back up the issue Sung Chan left Un Ahm Jung before the last round of the competition for heir. Sung Chan apprehensively denies any speculation and threatens to cut all friendships with Jin Soo if she were to mention it again.

The last round of the DM beef competition commences.

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Gourmet 12

*taking the torch from Sevenses, inner gasp: OMG OLYMPICS is in … two weeks!*

Before Olympics starts, let’s take a look at the DM beef contest in Gourmet instead.

It’s now the second half of the second round – the butchers’ skill show-down. *Hooray!* To ensure the freshness of the beef, the competition is taking place in a large storage room under 15 degrees Celsius. Jin Soo and her boss continue to host the competition, and the four remaining competitors include Butcher Kang and Jang Goo – our infamous ex-Un Ahm Jung employer.

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