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PS Man: Issue 3

Everybody flocks to the hospital to see Little Top, including his alleged mother, Amy. The child gets a few gentle scolds here and there but the air of relief is visible in the hospital room.

Amy fumes that the kindergarten teachers weren’t doing their job, their negligence almost cost a child his life. Xiaoqian launches into a series of apologies — Amanda’s call breaks the tension. Wanting some privacy, Amy instructs the adults to leave and waits until everyone has left the room to hand Little Top the phone. Speaking to the receiver, the boy chirps merrily, “Mommy!”

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PS Man: Issue 2

So why would a man so experienced in the art of courtship make a choice as far apart from his sleek image as a pair of SpongeBob underwear? Xia Hejie has his own set of dating philosophy. Hear him out:

“The most exciting thing about receiving presents isn’t the present itself; it’s the moment of anticipation as you rip open the wrapping paper.” Conversely, as a woman unzips that fly and finds the SpongeBob underneath, she will also find the man adorable. Because beneath his rough exterior, is a boyish interior. It’s the balance of good and bad in a man that makes him irresistible.

(Guys out there, take note.)

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PS Man: Issue 1

Every book has a preface, every speech begins with an introduction, and every romantic comedy opens with a coincidence. Well, almost.

To tell this story, we’d have to go back to a month ago, when our novelist, blogger, and TV celebrity extraordinaire Xia Hejie — or as his one-hundred-and-one girlfriends affectionately calls him, Jerry — is at the peak of his glamorous playboy days.

There is no woman that doesn’t desire him (or so he thinks), no TV station that doesn’t want him on its show (yet), and nothing he can’t get around of with his smile and his words. All in all, he’s a classic example of what’s newly defined as the “PS Man” — pompous but not overwrought, bold but not reckless.

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Golden Bell Award 2009, After-Post

Did you guess right? Or were you shocked?

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Fated to Love You 24: Last Episode

“Oh right, Chen Xin Yi’s husband’s stepbrother’s wife just gave birth to a healthy baby! By the way, Baby Ji the dog is pregnant again!”

Unfortunately, yesterday’s good news is today’s bad news. The dreadful reminder that everybody else is/can be pregnant, except for her is like a slap in the face that sends every pore of Chen Xin Yi’s body ache in pain of envy. Even Ji Cun Xi’s condolences and a lover’s kiss can’t quiet down the rippling yarning of being pregnant with her own child.

Whatever the misfortune, time keeps spinning, and life, keeps moving. So does Xin Yi. She goes to work in an art gallery and surprisingly meets her ex-co-worker Mary. Mary is pregnant. Once the two women make up for past misunderstandings, the conversation naturally falls on the pregnancy. Xin Yi gently strokes Mary’s protruding belly, then sadly touches her own flat belly. She sighs.

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Fated to Love You 23: Fated, to Love You

Wiping away the tears, Chen Xin Yi lingers a little longer outside the restaurant and touches the reservation sign with the tip of her fingers. The names looked so nice and perfect together, side by side. She lets herself indulge in the absolute harmony for a moment and walks inside to face Cun Xi with an effortful smile.

Cun Xi stands up to welcome her arrival. He hurries over and pulls out the chair across from him for Xin Yi. With the same nervousness, he sits back down in his own chair and waves for the waitress to come over. The waitress brings over a covered plate and lays it on the table. She lifts the lid up, revealing a pink, delicate case. Xin Yi only forces another sad smile at the sight of the wishing box. So many memories.

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Fated to Love You 22: Is It the Church Bells that I Hear?

It’s a pleasant day outside, warm without being searing; cool without being chilly. Nonetheless, the day left a nervous sweat on Ji Cun Xi as he wakes up from a nightmare filled with scenes of Chen Xin Yi leaving him. He looks down, Xin Yi sleeping quietly by the bedside. His brow relaxed in relief. Wait a minute, he can see! And that means… without the moral obligation of taking care of this blind man, Chen Xin Yi can go.

When Ji Cun Xi plans to be honest with his love interest for the first time in his life, Dylan’s phone call bursts the timid bubble of truth that’s slowing surfacing. Cun Xi falls back into the swamp of falsehood and plays long with the idea of being blind for the sake of keeping Xin Yi by his side.

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