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Golden Bell Award 2009, After-Post

Did you guess right? Or were you shocked?

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Golden Bell Award 2009, Pre-Post

The 44th Golden Bell Award nominations came out on the 10th. I planned to write a paragraph or two about it and cram it in one of those E-News Round Ups (read the last AND first one here). But since 1) I’ve already devoted a hefty amount of time recapping some of the dramas and 2) condensing the information (and comments) into a few paragraphs is going to test my ability to be succinct (translates to: too much trouble), I thought I might as well do it the proper respect and give it its own post.

In summary, there is a total of 1,435 pieces competing for 33 awards this year. Out of the submitted pieces, only 149 made it to the final round at the award ceremony, which is scheduled to be hold on — mark your calendar (or wait for my after post) — the 16th of October.

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My Queen Episode 21 (Last Episode)

If you were to ask me, why oh why are you recapping the final episode of a non-commitment a month after it ended? I would blatantly lie to you: because the episode is fantastic! (According to drama production teams & casts, ALL final episodes are fantastic.) Therefore I needed the time to do it justice. When really, I just wanted to dot the period and move on. Cos I’m a perfectionist like that.

Without further ado:

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My Queen Episode 18

Wu Shuang: “I’m sorry I’m late… Where’s the priest?”
Leslie: “You were late so I canceled the wedding.”
Wu Shuang: “Cancel… Then when is the next time?” (– As if this is a dinner party. Missed this one, you can always come to the next one.)
Leslie: “There is no next time.”

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My Queen Episode 13

When one door closes, another opens — leaves one Shan Wu Shuang, comes a Han Jia Jia. But the problem is, Lucas doesn’t even know Jia Jia likes him — despite how obvious she’s made it seem — much less consider any further development with her. I guess guys are more obtuse when they aren’t interested.

So how should Jia Jia make herself more visible? She’s had her make over earlier in the drama, she’s shown her more-than-friends attentiveness… Besides confessing to Lucas point-blank, she’s made her standpoint very clear. And yet, Lucas is too busy worrying about Wu Shuang to see it. Maybe a straight forward “I’m in love with you” is what she needs to do right now, but the writers have something different in mind.

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My Queen Episode 9

As requested, here’s a recap: 🙂

“Are we allowed to do this?”
“Of course! … Take it slow and you’ll be fine.”
… …
“Ahh! I can’t do it! It feels so weird! Ever since my little Wu Shuang’s daddy died, I haven’t been with a man like this..”
“There’s always a first time… Practice makes perfect. Do it a few times with me, and you’ll get used to it. 😉 ”

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My Queen Episode 2,3 Previews

The extra previews manage to be classy and even a little exquisite (note that I’m not talking about the preview at the end of the episode), but the actual drama is littered with the kind of absurdity that makes me want to yell at the PD to clean it up!

Anyway, these previews are fun to translate and explore:

Preview 1

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