[insert entertaining self-description paired with a big, bright smile] Alright, I admit, I’m handicapped when it comes to describing myself. Truthfully, I can go on and on about dramas and such but when the topic turns back to me, the blabbering gets stuck in the throat.

But this much I can tell you, the original idea of creating this blog comes from the desire to talk. About dramas, movies, and any random prattle that comes to mind. I’ve hence become unstoppable. The result is what you see now.

Talking is no fun when done alone so… Won’t you join me in the discussion and leave some comments? 😉

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Every time I come back you change layouts. (is dizzy)

    But hey, I like this new look. Luckily I love my layout too much or I would be fighting for this one…

    Hey, isn’t Atonement an awesome, awesome book?

  2. I see what you feel, I know exactly what it is! hahaha I don’t have anyone to discuss my drama addiction with, but we can write write write. And the good point is that you can say whatever we want since the blog is yours!! hahaha Don’t stop it, I love to read you!

  3. Just want to say thanks for reading my blog, it feels great to have support. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too. You have some great posts, look forward to seeing more!

  4. Hi! nice to meet you. Well you seem to be a person who just loves dramas and movies!. Well as for me I have so many hobbies that I forget myself when writing about myself. So I always mention that I love chocolate and coffee! Well I get tired of watching Indian soaps (I’m Indian) which air for 4 to 5 days a week and the plot drags on for years and years *Sigh* I’m simply fed up of them! And I just love these dramas and I loved the info you’ve put up on your site! I enjoy reading the summary before hand since I’m soooooooooooooo Impatient!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi there! I stumbled across here reading some of your Chinese Paladin 3 recaps. I like your writing style 🙂 There’s not many Chinese Paladin 3 English content out on the world wide..web. Nice to see some here. A bit of a shame you didn’t seem to like ZiXuan as much as I did ^^; Oh wells.

  6. your site is really useful!

    i’ve recently began to read the recaps for ‘black and white’ and they are very detailed and help a lot with my understanding of the drama. my chinese isn’t fantastic, especially in a police and investigation drama they tend to use these complicated jargon not used in everyday life so your recaps really help me to fill in some things i might’ve missed

    and i love reading your comments! you have great insight of every episode, you seem to analyse them so well. it makes me more aware of those things like character development and connection

    will continue roaming 😉

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