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Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God

This two hour special aired two months after the Death Note Anime draws its completion. It’s a compilation of the major scenes from Death Note anime. I only came across it recently.

It started with a new Shinigami, bored with the mundane life of name writing, pays Ryuk a visit. He gives Ryuk a dried out Shinigami apple in exchange of Light’s disillusioned story of becoming God through the abuse of death note.

The retelling of the story draws clips from the anime series and starts in sequence of Light picking up the death note Ryuk dropped out of amusement, Light meeting Ryuk for the first time, and L’s first appearance. The SP cleverly hints Light’s brilliant bus scheme to find out the name of the FBI agent who has been following him. It then jumps into L’s personal encounter with Yagami Light’s father and his fellow policeYagami Light officers to discuss Kira’s killing patterns before returning to Light’s elimination of all the FBI agents. Light’s close catch of killing Ray Penber’s fiancée immediately follows. The story proceeds with L securing cameras and recorders in Light’s house, Light in response, stealthily executes more people with the portable TV hiding inside the bag of chips. It still eludes me how he placed the portable TV inside the bag of chips in the first place. At any rate, Misa is soon introduced as the second Kira through the tape she sent to the TV station.

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Monster, Stop Probing My Emotions!

The Three Frogs

Monster is, like coffee, an acquired taste. More specifically, black coffee. There’s nothing creamy or sugary about it, yet the delivery of ideas and the unfolding of twists have a bitter and intense precision to them that make the aftertaste thoughtful and unforgettable. It’s captivating in the most uncaptivating way, like the scent of coffee, slowly entices you and steals you away without you noticing. I don’t think I’ve ever used up that much tissue on any particular anime. Watching it is, definitely, emotionally exhausting.

Kenzo TamaNina

On a different note, the portrayal of Johann is surprisingly accurate in terms of pertaining to the clinical description of a sociopath. Additionally, Anime Keep did a really good job translating for this anime. The ending is terribly suspenseful and disturbing, but it ended well.


Here is a segment of one of my favorite parts of the anime. And, my favorite character, present to you, the Magnificent Steiner (!):


L: Change the World

Aside from trying to capture Kara (Yagami Raito), L definitely knows how to keep himself occupied. In the remaining 23 days of his life, L sets out to “Change the World” in a new spin off movie after the huge success of the Death Note manga, anime, and movies.

Hopefully this highly anticipated, L-protagonisted movie will not/did not turn out to be a disappointment with the overarching title and all. Here is a trailer.

From the look of the trailer, the plot seems to lean towards a more action based adventure rather than a battle of wits. How good the actual movie will be? I have my doubts and anticipation!