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Hi friends, readers and passersby! Have you all been feeding your drama addiction while I’m gone?

What’s that? You were sad to see me disappear without so much as a warning? You broke your mouse hitting the refresh button hoping for an update? Oh that’s very kind of you (and narcissistic of me — c’mon let me feel self-important for a moment will ya?).

Well, I’ve been busy. I went on a vacation, moved from one place to another, and… surprise! I’m moving again in a few days (yeah it’s been stress and stress). So when life settles, I’ll be back and hopefully find my old sense of humor and a good drama to recap (or if I can’t find one, finish the many unfinished drafts already sitting on my hard drive). Meanwhile, what’s everybody been watching? Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Queen of Reversals?

Break Announcement, Q&A Style

Q: I see a bout of sluggish activity on the site… So, what’s the deal with recaps?
A: You know, I’m swamped by exams this term and I really, really need the time to study. *puppy eyes* I’m going to take a two week break during which I will be busy earning good grades (hopefully) and taking care of things that’s been put off. Meanwhile, no new recap will be posted. (But IF I miraculously find time to finish the 4th episode of Liar Game 2, then yeah, I won’t hold off on that.)

Q: What will happen after you come back in two weeks? You will come back riiiight? *eyes suspiciously*
A: There is a tentative plan.

I will:

Um, Issue!

I’ve never explicitly made the effort to say this before (thought the idea to respect intellectual property is implicit, oh how naïve of me), so now, I will say it, so LISTEN UP:

I Do Not appreciate the fact that my recaps are being reposted on other blogs/forums without citation — so take them off, please.

I’ve managed to feel violated enough that I’d still be annoyed if you went back now and added the short line of credit. (Yeah, I’m anal like that.) So, don’t repost at all. What do ya know, trackbacks and pingbacks are there for a very good reason.

Come on, I put in the time to write these darn recaps, pondered over the words, giggled as I inserted a pun or a joke, and honestly wondered if people will get them and if they do, will they enjoy them. These recaps are mine (Mine! MINE!)! So be nice and do them justice!

PS: Thanks to those who have shown respect.

For Those Who Still Read:

Nope, no recaps this weekend. Sorrie!


Because theoretically, I should produce six papers by the end of this weekend. (YUCK! And I’m not even a humanities major!) Realistically speaking, when I factor in the time that’ll take  me to convince myself to start working (oh trust me, I can be quite difficult to persuade), various distractions here and there, the kind of time investment each paper requires, and my overall cognitive endurance, I’ll probably get to four of them IF I magically stay on schedule.

So that makes the probability of recapping anything pretty darn close to zero.

But when I (finally) get things done, give myself some time to recooperate, I will post something.

(I have major commitment problems with the recent dramas don’t I?)

Somethin’ to Say

Vienna Teng – Unwritten Letter #1 [download]

Since reader rae commented that my (relative) inactivity on the blog is making this colorful site a little dull, I thought I should, you know, do some explaining for assurance purposes (not that you really care to know the details).

Anyhow. The official version is that I’m currently juggling between the private life and the academic life to find a balance (since the academic life is getting WAY out of control in terms of time consumption and I really, really, really, value the little of what’s left of my free time to do other stuff.) The unofficial version is that I simply needed a break and right now, I rather just stare into space and think about nothing at all.

So, gimme some time and you shall see a new recap. 😀

Oh I Lied, Bite Me.

– Happy Halloween! –

I said I was coming back with a vengeance on those darn recaps. Sorry, I lied.

I’m going to redirect my energy for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). So, that’s 50,000 words in 30 days. (I better start thinking on my feet.)

Recaps are still being put on hold and are likely to be produced at a very, very, slow rate. Unless I miraculously get through the word count by the 25th. (Miraculously.)

PS: If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, add me, nag me, guilt trip me, and shame me into completing the 50k minimum word limit, please.