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PS Man: Issue 3

Everybody flocks to the hospital to see Little Top, including his alleged mother, Amy. The child gets a few gentle scolds here and there but the air of relief is visible in the hospital room.

Amy fumes that the kindergarten teachers weren’t doing their job, their negligence almost cost a child his life. Xiaoqian launches into a series of apologies — Amanda’s call breaks the tension. Wanting some privacy, Amy instructs the adults to leave and waits until everyone has left the room to hand Little Top the phone. Speaking to the receiver, the boy chirps merrily, “Mommy!”

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PS Man: Issue 2

So why would a man so experienced in the art of courtship make a choice as far apart from his sleek image as a pair of SpongeBob underwear? Xia Hejie has his own set of dating philosophy. Hear him out:

“The most exciting thing about receiving presents isn’t the present itself; it’s the moment of anticipation as you rip open the wrapping paper.” Conversely, as a woman unzips that fly and finds the SpongeBob underneath, she will also find the man adorable. Because beneath his rough exterior, is a boyish interior. It’s the balance of good and bad in a man that makes him irresistible.

(Guys out there, take note.)

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PS Man: Issue 1

Every book has a preface, every speech begins with an introduction, and every romantic comedy opens with a coincidence. Well, almost.

To tell this story, we’d have to go back to a month ago, when our novelist, blogger, and TV celebrity extraordinaire Xia Hejie — or as his one-hundred-and-one girlfriends affectionately calls him, Jerry — is at the peak of his glamorous playboy days.

There is no woman that doesn’t desire him (or so he thinks), no TV station that doesn’t want him on its show (yet), and nothing he can’t get around of with his smile and his words. All in all, he’s a classic example of what’s newly defined as the “PS Man” — pompous but not overwrought, bold but not reckless.

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Black & White, Episode 22

“What are you doing?!” A very bad actor yells at Hero. (Whadda you think? He’s abducting your Barbie in broad daylight.) “Follow me!” Hero grunts at Mu Sha, ignoring the flight assistant’s (the said bad actor) frantic attempt to interfere. — I say “frantic” as a terrible hyperbole. Like, barely moving kind of frantic. — “You’re not dead?” Lei Mu Sha struggles back. Uh-uh, that’s no way to talk to an ex-lover! “Thanks to you.” Hero retorts defensively, “My life is pretty resilient.” “Did you know what you’re doing is against the law?” — Using the Law to stop Hero huh? Our pretty lady must’ve ran out of witty comebacks.

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Black & White, Episode 19

The gun, the prints, and the body, all that’s missing is a scented note saying:

I got you! ♥ Happy belated April fool’s!

— Love, Mu Sha

PS: See ya in another 5 yrs!


She might as well try to rub it in his face, that way, he’d have someone to blame on. But deep down, Hero knows that the fault is his, which only made him the more furious. With himself.

At least, one thing is for certain – he won’t be engaging in reckless sexual behaviors any time soon.

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Black & White, Episode 18

Consider how everyone is out to get Q (Xiao Ma’s fancy code name in Sarkozy); consider again, how he escaped each and every time, it makes one wonder where the spin-off that chronicled his thrilling military adventure went. That’s a lot of excitement we’re missing out on!

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