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Iljimae Episode 13 & 14 Impression

Episode 9 was “ok”. 10 was “a little better”. 11 was “getting interesting”. 12 was “pretty good”. 13 is the first time I thought to myself, hmm Iljimae is finally getting good. And then 14, my budding interest recedes a little. Just a little. Still watching, still waiting. But on the other hand, it takes 13 long episodes for me to finally reconsider Iljimae without too much scorn.

Plot wise, episode 13 establishes a conflict, confronts it, and builds on it with layers and layers of tension. Then 14 comes around, intending to push the conflict to its height, resolve it, and bring about a glorious re-entrance for Iljimae. What kills it for me is the “push”. After the excellent ground work 13 had established with appropriate insertion of comic relief, 14 slips on the climax and fails to impress.

Now here’s the recap:

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Iljimae Episode 8

Who would think the very person that turns Iljimae into the Great Thief Iljimae is his own adopted father. Makes you wonder why the father himself isn’t successful, doesn’t it?

At least, before Iljimae is the rich-fearing, poor-loving great thief, he is prone to being discovered. Rather, there are the kind of ridiculous servants in a Noble’s household whose job is to hold a torch at night to inspect every inch of the wall to ensure no thief enters. Of course, Yong is too reckless inexperienced to leave a full sized muddy foot print on the wall, asking to be discovered. So he is discovered. What does he do? He slips right past the lamp-holding, probably half-asleep guards who are entering the room. Just like that.

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Iljimae Episode 3&4 General Recap

What can I say, this drama needs to pick up its speed.

– The old school teacher has a, eh, let’s just say “beauty-pursuing” heart under his long, white, wisdom bearing beard. Because he swarms towards women like a repugnant fly attacking left-over food whenever he gets a drink. His indecorous conduct earns him a beat on the arse. Fortunately for the hypocrite, Swe Dol (Yong’s step father) is willing to endure the punishment for him so that Yong can keeps his place at the school. What did Yong do to deserve Such an altruistic STEP-father? I want one too!

– Yong is bullied by the snooty nobles who can’t see past their noses, because they Think that the blood running in Yong’s veins are not those of a noble. Come on, it’s just blood, there’s no need to obsess over it. They immerse him in a well, upside down. Before he can catch his breathe, the head bully whacks him in the head, giving him a concussion severe enough that he loses consciousness. Fearing that they have killed Yong, the flock of chickens throw him down a boar trap.

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Iljimae Episode 1&2 General Recap

The majority of the opening scene is a hook without hooking the audience. See for yourself:

– Episode one starts in a dark, secretive lair of the bandits where Iljimae’s ambitious plot is shot down to the ground. Despite the obvious opposition, Iljimae decides to act anyway. “Because I am Iljimae.” This whole orienting his face and angling it at the camera with a half smirk follow by the “Because I am… (dung dung dung) Iljimae” is so over-the-top cheesy that it elicits an automatic eye-rolling response. Sorry, can’t help it.

– So Iljimae disguises himself as the ice merchant to delivery ice to the target site, all by himself. What happened to his fellow bandits? Oh I forgot, they are just for show so Iljimae can do his trademark “Because I am Iljimae” thing. Let’s just pretend they all chickened out so our corny Iljimae can look more heroic in contrast.

– Iljimae smashes his large colorful ice with a thin hammer out of nowhere and manages to change into Iljimae’s robbery clothes and put on the ugly mask that he pulled out of thin air. This is real magic. Magicians, learn from him!

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