Heartbeat Love Episode 1 Recap

He sits down. Across from him, his companion slides over a plane ticket and a wrapped up camera, urging him to embark on the same trip he went over a year ago.

She sits down. Across from her, the camera records her every bit of hesitance as she musters the courage to say, “I’m going to be honest with you from now on.”

A year ago.

A boy gets a last minute phone call at the airport, letting him know that his two friends, whom he has been planning this very trip to Australia since Christmas, are bailing on him, citing lame excuses such as “my wife’s pregnant” and “my in laws are visiting”. Never fear because the ditchers have figured out room and board for him, so although friends trip is off, single-ready-to-mingle trip is in full blown mode.

Behind him, a girl is traveling by herself, enjoying a little liberating alone time.

The plane landed after n amount of hours and our main characters each head to their respective hotels hotel while taking in the gorgeous new surroundings…

As chance would have it, they end up sitting in the same booth facing each other, each waiting for the person they were to share the hotel room with.


And wait they did, texting each other back and forth all the while, inquiring whether the other has arrived, where the other person is, and why hasn’t one seen the other. At last, someone figures it out. The boy leans forward tentatively and asks, “Yang Xiaoyu?” She looks surprised but doesn’t deny that she is the said person. Relieved, he introduces himself as Li Weicheng (李衛成). But there is a problem. The person who is supposed to share a room with her is called Mu Ziwei (木子衛).

“Mu.. Zi… Wei… Mu.. Zi.. Wei..”, as she repeats the name to herself, something clicks. If you put Mu (木) on top of the word Zi (子), you get the word Li (李). Li Wei… Cheng?! Bingo. “It can’t be!” she shakes her head in disbelief, “The person who’s supposed to share the room with me is a girl. Look, I even have a picture of her here.”

He leans in and now it’s his turn to be surprised, “This is a picture of me during a cross dress party. How did you…?” “You pervert!”, she cuts him off. (I say it’s okay to have a little fun cross dressing if he’s that pretty as a girl.)

After the initial surprise factor, Yang Xiaoyu decides she’ll simply get her own room. Mishap averted! But wait, if she uses her credit card, the transaction history will show on her statement and whoever she’s taking a break from to go on this solo trip will find out where she is. (Don’t think it’s that bad of a thing if the other person cares enough to fly here.) So no, she will not book a new room. Instead…

She will take the room they had reserved, her being a girl and all means she’s entitled to this much. He begins to protest (she’s holding a platinum card, she can afford her own luxury suite!) but stops himself, not willing to stoop so low.

He turns to take out his wallet, which strangely, isn’t in his rucksack. He opens up his luggage next to look for it and comes face to face with, wait for it… someone else’ belongings! Today is just a day of mistakes for this guy isn’t it?

Forgive me if I state the obvious, but Li Weicheng had his luggage switched. Now he’s got a case full of gay magazines, colorful (but lacking in taste) clothes and feather to vouch for his personal preferences. Yes, feather. Pink to be exact, which, if you notice, matches the pink tie dye shirt the real owner of the luggage is wearing below:

After glancing at the contents of the luggage, Yang Xiaoyu happily accepts her new roommate without giving the poor guy a chance to explain himself. And we all know that’ll only lead to a world of hurt.

Thus, an unlikely friendship begins with an understandable misunderstanding.

Appeased that she’s only spending time with a gay man (in harm in that right?), Yang Xiaoyu opens up about herself: she’s in fact just an office worker who loves travelling so much that she spends all her savings on it. And that, she isn’t someone deserving of love. (What dropping hints of upcoming angst already?)

They spent a day site seeing and once back in the hotel, Li Weicheng doesn’t waste any time contacting the real gay man about the luggage switch. Xiaoyu comes out of the shower in a towel and starts applying lotion in front of her new best gay friend.

She drops her towel and gives Li Weicheng a near heart attack. He scrambles to keep his eyes averted and his attention on something else while she takes her sweet, sweet time slllllowly picking up that towel and sllllowly wrapping it around her again.


to be continued…


I haven’t written a recap in a long time. When I say long, I’m thinking “year” as the unit of measure. So bear with me, I’m still rusty.

This first episode (out of five) is better than I expected. For one it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at. The scenery, the color palette, the space sharing between the two main characters, and what Rainie’s wearing (besides the towel and the cheap swing at humor towards the end — it’s more awkward than funny) make for a visually appealing hook to the rest of the mini film.

Show’s acting seemed spotty at times but it doesn’t matter a whole lot at this point. Rainie, on the other hand, impressed me with a side of mischievousness when she’s contemplating whether she should book herself another room. Hopefully she will carry the believability with her when the plot treads angsty territory.

2 thoughts on “Heartbeat Love Episode 1 Recap”

  1. Thanks for the recap, great screencaps too…at first I was gonna check out this drama but then I decided against it. After reading your recap maybe I’ll give it a go *-*

    1. lol i’m glad. frankly though i haven’t watched the second episode. it’s better than i expected but not so good that i’m running to watch the next segment.

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