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The colors of Flower Boy Next Door

I was originally writing this on my phone. After I posted it to tumblr, I realized, “Ah, I have a blog to post these kind of things!” So here it goes, replete with picture proofs.

I was watching the finale of Flower Boy Next Door last night and it kept jumping out at me how perfect this orange-blue color platelet looked. It’s no secret this particular combination has been the prevailing color scheme for the show. From being complementary accent colors to background decor, they blend in with the soft yellow glow of the lenses to provide a rich yet low key tone that I immediately fell in love with.

orange and blue as accent colors and my personal favorite, in this shot, foreground and background color blocks

Beethoven Virus Episode 2 Recap

The ride to pick Kang Gun Woo the orchestra killer from the airport proves to be a difficult one. This man is a fastidious pain in the neck. He doesn’t want to live in a hotel because hotels don’t permit dogs. He doesn’t want to live in a normal houses because he can’t concentrate there. He wants a nice little maison with a park to walk his dog, two bathrooms, one for him one for his dog. No plastic bins to wash the dog, because it’s allergic to plastic… Etc, etc, etc. Du Ru Mi made a face, yet his domineering, almost formidable presence makes it impossible for her to yell at him to suck it up(, which she should have done).

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Beethoven Virus Episode 1 Rough Recap

10 years ago, Kang Gun Woo the conductor walked out of a concert nine minutes before the performance, refusing to conduct the symphony because the orchestra was, in his opinion, unfit to play Brahms’ piece.

10 years later, Kang Gun Woo the policeman drove one car into the butt of another to move the two cars out of a third’s way to the hospital in a symphony of the near-labor woman’s wailing, two men’s bickering, and the sound of classical music.

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Gourmet 24 (last episode)

To end the drama with a cook-off — how characteristic of Gourmet.

Although in the first round of appetizer, Sung Chan lost by a single point, the highlight of the competition has just begun. The two main dishes will determine, or even overturn the current result. The bad news is, Sung Chan doesn’t take the current score very well. He is sweating like a pig. (Quick, Jin Soo, give him a hug AND a kiss so he can stop fidgeting!)

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Gourmet 22

Friendly Advise: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, maybe you should put a box of tissue where your hands could reach.

Within the short span of a few days, a million things seems to be happening in Un Ahm Jung. The real source of the problem is found to be salt, not just the soy beans. Bong Joo and Joo Hee’s engagement is called off. Bong Joo and Joo Hee’s father faced a direct confrontation that puts them in an impasse. Joo Hee fainted. Sung Chan kissed Jin Soo. Min Woo started on the vendetta, with Joo Hee’s dad. Bong Joo faced the inspection of tax bureau. And Chief Oh repented for pushing Bong Joo so hard that he turned into a bitter headed cynic.

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Gourmet 20

For those who have brothers and sisters, sibling rivalry is a difficult lesson to master. Especially when the brother you’ve been on good terms with suddenly takes away something you’ve righteously claimed as yours with unblinking ease. The jealousy and resentment are bitter pills to swallow.

With desires for attention and affection to deal with, the discovery that Joo Hee has paid a visit to Sung Chan cracks Bong Joo at last. In a blind state of white wrath, he demands, rather rhetorically, why must circumstance place him inferior to his brother? The engagement is reconsidered, which, may not necessarily be a bad thing for Joo Hee in the long run, but is hurtful news to her at the present. Unfortunately, circumstance hasn’t had its fair share of “fun” yet. Bong Joo receives a call, informing him of the committee’s rejection to his proposal to host the kimchi exhibition. Joo Hee chases out in attempt to placate Bong Joo when they, in an abrupt halt, come face to face with Sung Chan and Jin Soo.

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