Jane & JJ Collaborate for High School Musical

As August creeps close and the premiere for High School Musical draws near (officially August 10th), there’s more and more news and interview snippets here and there promoting for this Chinese adaption of the Disney mega-hit.

Fueled by the hype and my musical-loving disposition, I find myself becoming more and more excited with each new piece of information relating to its release. Just recently, JJ Lin and Jane Zhang collaborated for the High School Musical theme song. Listen below:

[dl here]

via: sina

One thought on “Jane & JJ Collaborate for High School Musical”

  1. 1000X better than the music in HSM. Case in point – songs sung by professionals are better than cookie-cutter teens who can kinda sing, kinda dance, but not act. No animosity towards HSM, of course…

    Not withstanding my love of Jane, this duet is good enough for me to want to download.

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