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Liar Game 2.7

Wataru Makizono, confirmed an Angel, quickly connects with Nao. Fukunaga joins the circle to acquire a fifth Cross for safety — though the act originated from self-interest, it nonetheless gave Wataru a nice shove on the road to success. One more Cross and Wataru too, will be saved.

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Liar Game: The Final Stage Previews

After an intense but perhaps unsatisfying season two, Liar Game is charging towards its final stage in full force.

Not only will LGT be uprooted for good, the movie promises an emotion packed psychological game of trust vs. deception — with a brand new ensemble — and a little of the much-anticipated “development” between the male and female protagonists (can’t say I’m too excited about that…).

Now, the previews:

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Liar Game 2.6

When Nao finds out Fukunaga lied, her first reaction is that of hurt: Why did he lie to her? (Why the surprise, not like he’s never done it before.) But after the sulk is over, her motherly instinct takes over. There are three of them (Akiyama, Fukunaga, and herself), if they team up, they can easily turn Fukunaga into an Angel.

The only reason Nao doesn’t jumping into the act this very instant is Akiyama’s objection. “Not yet. The time will come,” he warns grimly; then he adds, “anyone making connections now will undoubtedly attract unwanted attention.”

As he speak, loud clanks sound off in the distance. Suddenly, every head turns. As the players crane their necks to see, anger swells up once again. It’s Katsuragi and her two sidekicks.
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Liar Game 2.3

Liar Game so far:

In the first round of the Liar Game, Kingdom of Sun tied with Kingdom of Moon – after Nao schmoozed Fukunaga into giving up the lead – resulting in a slight marginal gain. The second round, 17 poker, kicked off soon after. Akiyama Shinichi won the first two hands, but his opponent dominated the game hereafter.

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Liar Game 2.2

Now that the first round is fired, the location of the subsequent bullets can be approximated to a high degree of accuracy. With prudent choices and appropriate bluffing, success is Fukunaga’s. Except, there is a fundamental flaw with the game.

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