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Wish to See You Again Episode 16 Recap (Last Episode)

Nancy brought a basket of apple to see Xiao Ma. Xiao Ma tells Neng Xian that his father arranged for him to go back to England to see an excellent rehab doctor.

Nancy: Then why don’t you go?

Xiao Ma: I don’t know. Even though I haven’t seen the others, but I still feel that we are in the same place, I feel close to you all. That’s enough.
Neng Xian, can you do me a favor?

Neng Xian brings Xiao Ma to see Lu Yi, but the two sit in the cab, watching Lu Yi from afar.

Xiao Ma: She is thinner. A lot thinner. But still so beautiful, still attractive.
I am content for my Christmas Eve. Neng Xian, thank you. This is enough.

You said Lu Yi came to the airport. Did she say anything?

Nancy: She said, I can’t just let Xiao Ma leave. I will wait for him. I will always wait for him.

Xiao Ma: She said she will always wait for me?

Nancy: Yes.

Xiao Ma’s face blossoms into a comforting smile, two rows of tears tumbling down his cheeks. “I have to stand up again, for her.”

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Wish to See You Again Episode 15 Recap

Xiao Ma regains consciousness from the accident. He reaches out with incredible difficulty and touches the drawing Lu Yi gave him the prior night with the tip of his finger before passing out again. When the ambulance came, he is clenching the drawing tightly against his bosom.

Nancy hears that Xiao Ma’s brother declined the training offer to Switzerland for Xiao Ma. To find out what’s going on, she visits Xiao Ma’s brother in the hotel. His brother blatantly lies that Xiao Ma is sent to England for family business training in order to protect Xiao Ma but also isolating him. Nancy asks Xiao Ma’s brother to send words for her that she and the others are worried about Xiao Ma and wondering why he hasn’t kept in touch with any of his friends. The brother curtly tells her not concern herself over Xiao Ma’s business and pretend that he has completely disappeared. Incredulous and puzzled, Nany asks for an explanation. The brother only laments Xiao Ma’s demise of being too considerate for others that in the end he only hurts himself and leaves the room.

Mother Pan knocks on Xu Le’s door early morning, nagging him for money. Xu Le agrees to try to somehow gather the money by the end of the day. Mother Pan happily leaves for work, thankful for having such a handy son-in-law. Who wouldn’t be, when you have magician of a son-in-law, whom you can turn to for money whenever and never expect him to say no? Great mother-in-law.

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Wish to See You Again Episode 14 Rough Recap

Ah Hao comes over to the Pan household to bid them farewell and to thank them for taking care of him during the years that he’s been in Taiwan. Naturally, Neng Zhen does not take the departure well. She points out the parallel between the male characters in Xu Le’s novels and Ah Hao’s decision to leave the ones he love or loves him. To Neng Zhen’s blame, all Ah Hao can do is take them in, hoping that one day she will find her own happiness.

As Ah Hao walks out of the Pan household, he meets Xu Le who is returning home. Ah Hao briefly explains his visit as a gesture of saying goodbye. Before leaving, Ah Hao asks Xu Le to watch over Xiao Ma for him.

Ah Hao: “I’m content that you (Xu Le) have Neng Xian and Xiao Ha has Lu Yi.”
Xu Le: “What about you?”
Ah Hao pauses, “When one day I can live without regrets, I will be able to tell you.”

After a short exchange, they bid each other goodbye.

Ah Hao: Don’t worry, I will come back.
Xu Le: When you come back you better..
Ah Hao: I know, I will keep in touch with you.

They look at each other and smile.

Xu Le: Then I won’t go to the airport tomorrow.
Ah Hao: I know, you’ve never liked separation.

They both smile.

Xu Le: Never say goodbye.
Ah Hao: Never say goodbye.

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Wish to See You Again Episode13 Late Mini Recap

Embarrassed from the bombardment of questions regarding marriage, Neng Xian escapes out of the door. Xu Le runs out after. Neng Xian presses him again to explicitly state his feeling towards her. Xu Le dryly replies that he finds inspirations whenever he holds her hand. Disappointed at the vague answer, Nancy edges away. Xu Le finally lets out,”I like you. I, like you.” Without hesitance, he continues, “Sorry, it’s my fault that I don’t understand you well enough, but I will try my best from now on.” And that, is how Xu Le manages to turn his world upside down.

How to make Xu Le’s life miserable / 6 steps to integrate into the Pan family:

  1. Make Xu Le move in with the rest of the Pan family. – Done.
  2. Force Xu Le to get up early. – Artfully carried out by Father Pan and Mother Pan. What they did was bicker loudly about whether or not to wake Xu Le up in the morning. Surely enough, Xu Le not only woke up, he got up to break the argument.
  3. Force Xu Le play Tai Chi with father Pan. – Also done
  4. Force Xu Le to buy grocery with mother Pan. – No doubt about it.
  5. Introduce Xu Le to all of mother Pan’s friends and showcase the son-in-law to be. – Of course when that’s being executed, the Xu Le that hates to be in the center of attention runs for his life, creating a live show of the crazy-ladies-chasing-after-the-handsome-idol scene.
  6. Eliminate every private moment Xu Le has with himself. – Yes, as expected, the Pan couple calls on Xu Le right when he’s about to enjoy himself for a little quiet rest.

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Wish to See You Again Episode 12 Recap

Knowing his bad habits, Neng Xian comes in the morning to bring Xu Le breakfast. But when Neng Xian sees Lu Yi, her good mood cracks like a mirror, then jealousy, doubt, and sadness fall off simultaneously and shatter everywhere. Then “Bang”, Neng Xian is out of the door. Realizing what’s happening, Xu Le dashes out to stop Neng Xian.

Something, anything! Just, give me an explanation.
I… have no explanation. But please believe me. …

Neng left, Xu Le returns to his apartment to find Lu Yi up already. She apologizes for being out of character the night before and exclaims the absurd but irresistible human tendency to choose misery over happiness. Xu Le asks Lu Yi if she plans to give up Xiao Ma who loves her. She helplessly shakes her head and replies that the only thing she knows now is that as soon as she struggles free from her inner turmoil and reaches a decision, she will let Xiao Ma be the first to know.

Xu Le asks, “Can you let me know first?”
Lu Yi tilts her head and asks, “You are afraid that my decision will hurt Xiao Ma?”
“Are you not afraid?”
Lu Yi looks down and replies, “More afraid than losing Ah Hao.”

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Wish to See You Again Episode 12 Preview

Preview time!

From the look of the preview, episode 12 will be revolved around self-doubt of Nancy and Xu Le’s present love state. Although the drama is looking a little leaning towards melodrama with its turning the table of a well established relationship, a good point is raised: If Nancy deviates drastically from the female protagonists portrayed in Xu Le’s novels, assuming Xu Le models these fictional characters base on his idealized criteria for a girlfriend, then is he really in love with Neng Xian?

The preview seems to draw the parallel between Xu Le’s fictional character and Lu Yi in order to push the possibility that Xu Le might be subconsciously in love with Lu Yi. It’s up for the episode to unwrap the complication for the audience, but might I suggest that perhaps Xu Le’s characters are modeled after Lu Yi because she is perhaps one of the seldom females he comes in contact with?