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Black & White – A Montage-esque After Post

As a compromise between the poll result and what I was willing to do, I’ve decided to write an After Post rather than a comprehensive Overview. The latter simply takes too much time.

In this After Post, I’ll rant and rave about what I liked (characters) and what I didn’t like (characters!) — because I’ve been itching to dissect them for a long time! *evil cackle* I’ll re-post a selection of screen shots since they sum up the fine points of this drama quite well. Finally, by reader Lisa’s request, I’ll talk about my expectation of the Black & White movie to wrap up this post. (God, I sound like a snotty critic writing this! And, it’s about to get worse… Bear with me.)

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Black & White, Episode 24 (Final Episode)

It came after all, the danger of carrying the chip. A self-important killer steps out in front of Xi Ying and rests his rifle on one shoulder. He smirks arrogantly and says, “Kill you or not, I’ll get the chip.” — speaking too soon — before the smug smile can disappear, the lights in the subway station shut off.

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Black & White, Episode 22

“What are you doing?!” A very bad actor yells at Hero. (Whadda you think? He’s abducting your Barbie in broad daylight.) “Follow me!” Hero grunts at Mu Sha, ignoring the flight assistant’s (the said bad actor) frantic attempt to interfere. — I say “frantic” as a terrible hyperbole. Like, barely moving kind of frantic. — “You’re not dead?” Lei Mu Sha struggles back. Uh-uh, that’s no way to talk to an ex-lover! “Thanks to you.” Hero retorts defensively, “My life is pretty resilient.” “Did you know what you’re doing is against the law?” — Using the Law to stop Hero huh? Our pretty lady must’ve ran out of witty comebacks.

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Black & White, Episode 20

The Old Man’s look of shock gradually softens to a smile. “Alike, very alike.” he marvels. “What?” already choking on tears, Hero musters with great difficulty. “Your eyes. They look exactly like your mothers.” (Er, I just mentally dropped a wig on Hero’s head… Let’s just say the resulting image does not look very flattering.) “Who are you?” Hero demands confirmation, apparently not taking the all too plain truth very well.

To deepen Hero’s frustration, the Old Man walks away, shaking his head left and right while muttering to himself, “I was wrong. I was completely wrong!” “Can you PLEASE tell me what is going on?” Hero begs, “Isn’t Chen Zai Tian your son? What am I? Are we brothers?”

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Black & White, Episode 19

The gun, the prints, and the body, all that’s missing is a scented note saying:

I got you! ♥ Happy belated April fool’s!

— Love, Mu Sha

PS: See ya in another 5 yrs!


She might as well try to rub it in his face, that way, he’d have someone to blame on. But deep down, Hero knows that the fault is his, which only made him the more furious. With himself.

At least, one thing is for certain – he won’t be engaging in reckless sexual behaviors any time soon.

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