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Last Friends 5 – a night of shock

Ruka walks back in after witnessing Michiru’s escape of affection towards a soaking wet Sosuke, who had been waiting outside, in the rain, all night long.

Soon after, Michiru calls from the taxi, on her way to Sosuke’s apartment. She lies to Ruka that she is going to the hair salon. Knowing the truth, but unwilling to put herself and Michiru in an awkward position, Ruka says nothing.

Michiru takes Sosuke home, tugs him into bed, measures his temperature, and cooks him porridge. She gets up to leave, he stops her, begging her to stay. Michiru hesitates. “I can’t. I can’t be with you anymore… This would only result in sinking back into the bleak unpleasantness.” “I won’t hit you anymore.” Sosuke looks up at Michiru with his sad puppy eyes, begging earnestly. His two hands hold Michiru’s, like a child unwilling to let his mother go. “Sosuke, become a strong person. Even if you want to be with me, don’t wait for me outside of my work place or in front of the apartment, or even, stalk my friends. If you can follow my bidding, I may come back to you one day.” Sosuke closes his eyes, still frowning, like an unhappy child.

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Last Friends SP

Eri, Ogura, Takeru, Ruka, Michiru, and the baby stand together in front of the share house for a photo together. They laugh at each other for their silly poses but end up taking the photo with no poses at all.

The camera cuts to a woman’s leg as she walks closer and closer. Slowly moving up, a woman in a red blouse, holding a single luggage, walking pases the share house. Turning her head to the left, Eri glances at Share House, murmurs to herself, “Miss it so much!” and walks on. Behind her, in the near distance is Ogura, weighting down and moving sideways like a crab, hands, arms, and shoulders full of bags and luggages.

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Last Friends 9 – your life

Flick. Flick. Flick. Eri passively sits on the couch, flickering through channels to find a station that broadcasts Ruka’s race. Takeru lies on the sofa, eyes glued to the TV and barely twitching.

Eri: “Ugh. 45 station isn’t enough. Can’t find a single station about the race.”
Ogura: “Are you indirectly criticizing the owner of the TV?”

Takeru gets up to pour himself a cup of water.

It’s Michiru’s phone that breaks the tension in the room. Ruka called to announce the good news – she had won the race and will come back for a brief visit tomorrow.

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Last Friends 10 – love and death

Ridding on the top, Sosuke violently rips open Ruka’s shirt, revealing her undershirt. Smiling triumphantly and sinisterly, Sosuke bends down to kiss her. Ruka lets out a desperate yelp of hatred and reaches out to grasp a lamp that fell during the struggle, she hits him on the back, hard enough to knock him off her and runs out with her bag. She hastily crosses the street, covering herself with the torn shirt and enters the nearest store. She grabs a slack off the racket, dashes into the fitting room, furiously buttoning the over-sized shirt around her. She begins to cry.

Takeru glues the handle back onto the cup. Once done, it looks as if it has never fallen off the cup. Ruka comes back. Not a trace of what happened. Only Takeru notices that something is amiss.

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Last Friends 6 – a desperate getaway

Michiru rushes back to Sosuke after receiving his suicide threat, disregarding Ruka’s resentment at her relapse. When she finds him, he is alone sitting on the couch in the dark, ominous and unshaven. “Welcome back.” he opens his eyes and greeds Michiru in eerie detachment, “Take out your cell phone.” She raises her eyebrows in question, but obediently takes out her cellphone. He throws it away.

“Michiru, you are Mine. Let the two of us live together, don’t let anyone disturb us.” Sosuke indoctrinates a helpless Michiru as they watch Michiru’s yearbook burning in the dark.

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Last Friends 8 – last letter

On the surface, everything is the same.

On the surface, Ruka is simply looking for a place to live for six months before she goes out of the country. On the surface, Michiru is only making lunch for Takeru to thank him for finding her a new employment opportunity – to work as his assistant. On the surface, Takeru is still gay to Eri.

But nothing is the same again.

Cleaning up after work, Michiru and Takeru reach for the same foundation. Their hands make timid contact for a split of a second before immediately splitting apart. Takeru looks up at Michiru, and then hides his gaze away from her. “Sorry.” Takeru says in a small voice and walks away to the other side to resume packing. Or, contact. Physical and emotional. Michiru follows Takeru with her eyes. She bites her lip, musters a smile, and finally breaks the silence again, “Takeru-kun. Regarding what I asked earlier… Don’t worry about it. I’ve probably said something silly… I was thinking that I can stay by your side when you are lonely or sad. I wasn’t expecting anything.” Takeru turns and says, gratefully, “Thank you”; perhaps for her willingness to stay by his side in difficult times, perhaps for her effort to lessen the awkwardness between them. Continue reading Last Friends 8 – last letter