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17 Movies You Might Want to See in 2010, Part 1

2010 looks to be an exciting year for the Chinese film industry. There is a fairly large selection lined up for the year to come and at first glance, the quality is reasonably proportional to the quantity. (There are a few I’m quite excited about.) Without further ado, let’s take a look.


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a compilation of the more heavily marketed films with either well known directors or actors. The movies are sequentially ordered by release date, not by preference.

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Run! Papa, Run!


A man with a Bruce Lee haircut is snorting in the dark. His chest rising and falling rhythmically, the tiger tattooed on the left of his breast expands and compresses with his breath. Suddenly, he sits up in a startle, arms waving wildly in the air, grasping for the knife next to his bed.

A voice in the background starts: Out of ten gangsters, nine have terrible luck. That’s why Li Tian En wakes up from the nightmare of being chased everyday. Luckily they’re just dreams. Then one day, when he thought it was just a dream, he is trapped inside, unable to run out of it, unable to wake up from it…

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Run Papa Run Sneak Peeeek


Directed by Sylvia Chang, the movie explores the transformation of a callous gangster to a devoted father.

Li Tian En (Louis Koo) is a member of the triad. He is a one because it’s cool to get a Bruce Lee haircut; because it’s cool to show off the muscles and the kung fu; because it’s just cool. (Not that I recommend it, but you get the idea.) One day he meets Mei Bao (Rene Liu) and Boom, passion explodes like a firecracker. Then a baby is born.

Now that Li Tian En has a baby And a wife. He has a new direction in life too, to be a good father.