Hong Gil-Dong Episode 19

“Just stay by my side.”
“Staying by your side will be comforting to you?”
“I respect you”, Gil-Dong teases Enok.
*kisses long and hard* Enok resists initially but gives in eventually.

Scene switch, Lady Noh contemplates that if Enok is the daughter of Lord Ryu, she should not be with Gil Dong. (here comes the much anticipated inevitable) Chang Hwui agrees and tells Lady Noh to do it in secret. Perhaps the inner green monster wants to manifest himself finally, perhaps it’s the right thing to do to secure Chang Hwui’s power among the nobles. But better be prepared with a box of tissue.

Scene switches back to Gil Dong and Enok. Enok is still in shock with her eyes closed while Gil Dong observes Enok with a half crocked smile. (hehe)
“You can open your eyes now.”
Embarrassed Enok covers her face with her hands and runs out of Gil Dong’s room. In the midst of this 20% embarrassment, 20% gleefulness, and 40% disorientation, Enok runs into a poll, rolls down from a flight of stairs, and finally jumped into a well while repeating, “how embarrassing!” (gotta give her credit for being so adorably cute)

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Hong Gil-Dong Episode 19 Preview

Episode 19 Preview Here

Needless to say, (but saying anyway,) episode 19 is going to be intense in an action-packed way. Gil-Dong’s brother attacks and presumably gets captured by Gil-Dong who very likely spears his life. Thinking of relocation maybe? Enok’s grandpa gets mobbed and knocked down unconscious with lots of blood around his neck. Hopefully he’s just knocked senseless. Hopefully. Finally Enok gets surrounded when she pays her grandpa a visit. I’m sure someone will rescue her if she isn’t yet capable of doing that herself. But notice Enok’s character changes with her hairstyle?

Honestly, my stomach turned a couple times watching episode 18 from all the sinister foreshadows. Let’s just hope 19 doesn’t turn my boat.

Bull Fighting Episode 16

“When two people hold hands together, they are connected. Your worry becomes my worry, your bravery becomes my bravery. Your regret becomes my regret…”

Shen Xue and Ruo He talks about their future in a little forest of eating bananas and rolling in mud under a rather awkward atmosphere. They get off together at a station and encounters Ruo He’s father waiting for them already. Shen Xue blatantly lies that watching him from afar would have suited her better so now she’s returning him to his father. In a series of struggles, a monkey falls out from Shen Xue’s bag. Seeing the monkey, Ruo He understands that Shen Xue has planned to give him up earlier. Unhappily, Shen Ruo He walks away without turning back. Yi Shen Xue, having watched him go resorts to a flashback of her conversation with Shen Ruo He’s father. In the flashback, the audience is told that Yi Shen Xue accepted Shen Ruo He’s father’s deal to test their love by returning Shen Ruo He to his father. Heartbroken, Shen Xue calls Zi Cong to pick her up. They come back to the train station where Shen Xue has written I xxxx You. She leaves a monkey and her watch, which is set to stop on the present date, hoping that one day it can be reactivated.

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Hong Gil-Dong Episode 18 recap

Continuing from the cliff hanger at the end of episode 17, this one starts with four “ghosts” zooming in onto Hong Gil-Dong at a rapid speed. (Zooom) In the face of danger, our hero is always up for a fight. Just as Gil-Dong starts to undress himself for a through fight, a comic relief cuts in to relieve the tension.
“Not him?”
“Not him!”
(Audience nods: Yup, wrong guy! I knew it’s a bad idea to take that silky scarf in the first place!)
Just as Gil-Dong starts to realize they are not ghosts, zooom, the head of the ghosts flew out soundlessly, scaring Gil-Dong colorless (well maybe not that dramatic), and left! (Yup, left, just like that.)

Gil-Dong picks up a fabric left by one of the ghosts and took it back for some clues. With a scene cut, the ghosts are back for the right guy. (Guess he’s not so lucky after all.) The rest is predictable, the understated gore, a few blood drops, and some mess for the set to clean up.

Hong In Hyung, engulfed in jealousy, shrewdly decides provoke, and hopefully capture Gil-Dong by spreading the rumor that Gil-Dong and his people killed the nobles. Which by the way also affects Chang Hwui’s popularity among the nobles. Two birds with one stone huh?

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