Hu Ge Releases First Personal Album

Hu Ge fans know that he’s not just a pretty face. He can sing — albeit not at a perfectional level, yet. It’s been years since we saw him singing theme songs here and there but never an album. Today, Hu Ge finally released his first album, “Blue Ray“.

“Blue Ray” is a compilation that consisted of three brand new songs and 13 drama theme songs that chronicled Hu Ge’s acting career since 2004.

Track List:
  1. 蓝光
  2. 敢不敢爱【《梦幻诛仙》主题曲】
  3. 有一种歌
  4. 传闻
  5. 遇到一个好人
  6. 六月的雨【《仙剑奇侠传》插曲】
  7. 她的眼睛会下雨
  8. 爱你不会变【都市爱情剧《别爱我》插曲】
  9. 一个人的海岸
  10. 忘记时间【《仙剑奇侠传三》片尾曲】
  11. 骑单车的日子
  12. 告诉他,我爱她【《少年杨家将》插曲】
  13. 乌云然【08《射雕英雄传》片尾曲】
  14. 地与天
  15. 去爱吧
[album download]

Trivia: at the album promotional event in Shanghai, Hu Ge revealed that he has been going out on blind dates at the instruction of his mother, who wishes him to get to know more girls outside of the entertainment circle. The take home message, he’s single, ladies!

Via: sina

5 thoughts on “Hu Ge Releases First Personal Album”

  1. HuGe…^^ Love him.. Hope he has some new dramas which are away from his normal genre.. As much as I love him in historical series, I wish he could step up and choose a project which is different from his previous work.. 🙂

    1. I know he has two modern-day dramas awaiting summer release. One is called Bitter Coffee (苦咖啡), the other, which might be more interesting, is called Modern New Species (摩登新人类)

      As far as the range of his characters goes, I do wish to see him portraying someone different from the happy-go-lucky or the straight-arrow archetypes so I can begin to respect him as an actor rather than being entertained and stop there. Maybe as he gets older, we’ll get to see more variations? *hopes*

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