Male Fan BingBing Defends Himself Via New Batch of Photos

… which I feel, only perpetuates the speculation of his sexuality.

But let me back up a little and explain to those who don’t know.

Actress Fan BingBing is well known for three things: her extreme beauty, her talent, and the never ceasing rumors concerning plastic surgery (which she never had). The cultural fixation on her looks thus established, it’s no small wonder that when an average Joe posted a well made up picture of himself on his blog, it received rapid hits for his semblance to Fan BingBing. An instant cyber celebrity, the average Joe became what’s known as the Male version of Fan BingBing (see picture below).

And honestly, he is quite pretty.

But as synonymous as sexual repression is to the Asian culture, speculation regarding his sexuality flared up. Perhaps the pressure is getting to him, or perhaps it’s a thought out scheme to keep his name at the tip of people’s tongue, he withdrew from the Happy Boys competition and has since released a batch of more naturalistic but equally metrosexual photos of himself to prove his masculinity.

It’s unfortunate that being queer is still an issue that needs to be kept in the closet but whether this guy is gay or not is a different story. All I know is, he’s pretty.

via: yahoo

2 thoughts on “Male Fan BingBing Defends Himself Via New Batch of Photos”

  1. Hey… so um.. did this guy get any modelling gigs after that? Cause even without makeup, he looks really effeminate. Definitely very androgynous.

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