“Summer’s Desire” Ready to Air

After a prolonged wait, Summer’s Desire is finally ready to face the eager audiences and receive its very first wave of praises and criticism.

This picture is taken from a wedding shoot the two did a while back

The drama has completed its editing stage (it better be damned good to make me wait this long) and is scheduled to air first on FTV (May 30th at 10pm) then on GTV (June 6th at 8pm). The premiere, which will not miss its proper share of advertisement — just as soon as the actors clear a block of their busy schedule for the promotional activities that’s sure to come — will take place Friday night, May 28th.

I’ve skimmed the first of the original trilogy, of which the drama is based on. Gotta confess, not too much of a fan. (To be precise, it’s got a Twilight-esque feeling to it, both in writing style and in theme.) Honestly, if I were five years younger, I might just eat that stuff up… But 1) this is the drama, not the book and 2) since it’s directed and edited from a male perspective, I am interested to see a different take on the obsessive-to-the-point-of-being-unhealthy love.

via: sohu, liberty times

5 thoughts on ““Summer’s Desire” Ready to Air”

    1. Oh my gosh.. So right.. But, I would still buy this drama mainly because I like Peter Ho, Huang Xiaoming . The animosity between Peter and Xiaoming’s characters is so intense. Da S is okay.. Sometimes, I find her looking a bit blank. Like she’s emotionless.

      Maggie Wu is pretty okay as the spoilt celeb. Zhen En, the secretary overacted… Exaggerated expressions and hand gestures. Um. Ke Huan Ru as Pan Nan, she’s alright.
      That Shu Er from the same agency, oh my gosh, her acting can’t be called acting.
      It’s laughable.

      Sorry Peter, but you had a lot of work on your hands and your raw material wasn’t really strong anyway.. There’s just too many loopholes. But as a fan, I’d say he tried his hardest and we should support our favourite actors. Peter can definitely improve. He’s a strong actor and I can see where his character is coming from. I’m starting to understand a little bit of his character’s background and his decisions.

      Xiaoming… as always is brilliant. Luo Xi is a really complicated character with lots of issues. But, for him, the hair sucks. For Da S, the makeup sucks.

  1. I love the characters.
    Peter Ho’s acting is great, hes so serious. I think hes acting was the best, in all of hes movies, and dramas. That jealous, serious, lonely, angry character really suited him:)

    Barbie Xu’s acting was really great to. I mean the woman is freaking 34 (ore something like that?) years old, and she looked like a high school student in the flashbacks. She’s so beautiful, and great voice of her.

    Luo Xi’s acting was really great to. actually i did’nt know him, but i think he was great. maybe a little freaky, and devilish whit that smile of hes, but still great.

    Zhen En, the secretary was good to. But she did overreact a little to much, and she got annoying. But still good?

    The songs in the drama are amazing.

  2. I also buy this drama mainly because I like peter ho. He is the best actor n greatest. I agree this couple in drama.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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