Tang Wei Poses for Vogue

Tang Wei posing for the June issue of Vogue shouldn’t be a surprise but Tang Wei posing for the June issue of Vogue for the Mainland China branch is. And it is a good surprise, after the ban and the hiatus that put a damper on her would’ve-been soaring acting career.

The photo shoot gave Tang Wei a venue to express the boldness in her — I’m just not sure I like it:

via: sohu

2 thoughts on “Tang Wei Poses for Vogue”

  1. 2 words for the second picture — 大妈

    She’s a beautiful girl, but what’s up with the wardrobe selection? She looks ready to negotiate the price at the flea market, mostly in the second photo. Vogue is getting a little lazy if they think matching red lipstick with a duct-taped piece of red poster board is bold and artistic.

  2. Love the first pix but not the rest.. She looks gorgerous in the first one.. ^^ I hope those bans stop by now. She desvered a better recognistion… Dont get why she got treated like that… Did Zhang ZiYi have some revealing parts in some movies as well?? Her movie was just a bit more than others…

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