“Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Again” News Update

Quick Update:

  • Meteor Shower 2 has completed half of its shooting and will be relocating to Shenzhen on the 28th to film the rest of the sequel.
  • Aside from the love triangle (completed by Zheng Shuang, Zhang Han, and Tan Lina’s characters), Yu Haoming will recede from the fierce competition and pursuit his own lost romantic thread with the piano teacher.
  • In the second season, Zhang Han will open an express delivery business called “The Thunder Shower Express” (雷阵雨快递). This is a self-depreciating effort to poke fun at the fact that haters refer to Meteor Shower as “Thunder Shower” to indicate its oftentimes obtrusive crudeness.
  • Last but not least, I spoke too soon when I was feeling optimistic about the drama finally embracing the actors’ natural accents in favor of dubs. A couple of the actresses (Zheng Shuang and Tan Lina) actually preferred dubbing their parts but the final decision will be made when the production enters its editing stage.

via: tudou

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