Chinese Paladin 3: Episodes 36-end

Episode 36

Last time we discovered that MaoMao was feeling under the weather for butchering parts of him body in exchange for food (yes you read that right). Jin Tian, who’s got a bucket load of self-loathing, frustration, and guilt to bear himself, was too miserable to take notice. So devastated was this yesterday’s warrior God, that he decided upon poisoning everyone to end their pain. But LongKui saw through the ruse and volunteered to try the poisoned food first.

And of course, Jin Tian couldn’t stand and watch as his sister ingests poison. He smashes the bowl and crumbles in front of everyone, officially reaching his saturation point. XueJian, LongKui and MaoMao come to Jin Tian’s side to provide him support and a little optimism. But MaoMao collapses in the process, revealing the secret trading he has been doing to keep food on the table (literally). Soon after the revelation, our unsung hero of adoration draws his last breath. *sob*

To save MaoMao, the Taoists seek Luo RuoLie out in attempt to retrieve MaoMao’s flesh (they can use the flesh to bring MaoMao back to life). They succeeded in purging MaoMao’s spirit out of Luo RuoLie’s body. But the deranged cult leader destroys himself and by extension, MaoMao’s flesh that’s safely digesting in his belly, and dashes all hopes of resurrecting MaoMao. *sob × 2*

The blow to Jin Tian is gargantuan in size but there is nothing Jian Tian can do. At this time, the hooded man — Jin Tian’s next reincarnation, 50 years from now — reappears with Jin Tian’s jade pendant (boy sure knows when to show up for his grand entrance — right after the angst quotient shot to the top). He advises Jin Tian to put together this half of the pendant with XueJian’s other half and using the pendant’s power to eradicate Xie Jian Xian for once and for all.

Infused with confidence, Jin Tian decides to rescue those held hostage by Xie Jian Xian, hoping to increase the chance of overthrowing the pompous tyrant. He sets out to SuoYao Tower with LongKui (the Taoist masters are trapped in there), leaving XueJian and ZiXuan to save ChongLou and the other Lords of the realms.

Thus arranged, LongKui and Jin Tian enter SuoYao tower hand in hand, finishing LongKui’s long time desire to fight along side her brother — the one LongYang denied her out of love and Jin Tian granted her out of need and understanding.

On the other side of the mountain, ZiXuan saves ChongLou. And the others.

Now that everybody’s here, it’s time to reveal the secret weapon: the only ammunition mean enough to slay XieJianXian would be a mega sword wielded from combining the Heavenly Sword with the Demon Sword. The only draw back is that in order to combine them, blood needs to be drawn. Jin Tian has a choice: he can either sacrifices XueJian, using her heart, the magical fruit, to open the seal on the swords or he can let LongKui die for him again, using her thousand-year worth of power to accomplish the same goal.

Different from the first time a choice between LongKui and XueJian was presented before Jin Tian, this time, there is no gallant Taoist who will solve the dilemma by saving the day. Jin Tian must make a choice, however difficult. But fate has already decided for him.

At length, LongKui jumped, completing the cycle of life that started her One Thousand Years of Solitude. *sob × 3*

With the sword ready, we have one more problem. Jin Tian is the savior alright but he doesn’t have a savior’s strength yet. No problem, let’s all send our skills and energies to Jin Tian, make him the Hulk, the Doctor Manhattan, the Jean Grey and he, carrying the burden of our hopes, will succeed.

One piece of predicted good news before the episode wraps: ChangQing is not dead. He’s just inside XieJianXian’s body, waiting for a chance to strike.

Indeed, during the grand, yet anti-climatic, battle with Xie Jian Xian, Jin Tian spots ChangQing’s figure moving inside his foe, motioning him the “two” they so often practiced.

Episode 37

Grabbing the newly wielded sword with both hands, Jin Tian stabs towards the “two” mean and hard. For once in his life, he hits it.

A blinding light radiates from where the sword hit. Jin Tian drops from the impact of the ray, a second figure catapults from where XieJianXian was. The figure falls with a thud, revealing ChangQing, landing besides Jin Tian.

When they all wake up the next day, it’s like nothing had happened. Even the five Taoist Masters are still alive (this will be explained later). And yet, ZiXuan and ChangQing still have to break up.

They concede that the love they share and shared for three lifetime make up the most valuable memories for them both and after shedding a single tragic tear, they part separate ways.

After that, ChangQing becomes the Head Master of Mt. Shu; Jin Tian returns to Yong-An pawn shop with XueJian. Life returns to normal. At least, on the surface.

Jin Tian arrives home to find himself the richest man in town. His late friend and sidekick BiPing had carried out Jin Tian’s value proposition and made A TON of money while Jin Tian’s out saving the world. Now that the entrepreneur is back, the money is of course, all his. But Jin Tian has learned to be content. Instead of cohering his assets, he distributes them among the poor and feels good about it afterwards.

Occasionally, he would even take a swig with the Demon Lord and they would talk about love, about life, like a pair of old friends.

Then one day, when Jin Tian feels he’s ready to let go, he carries MaoMao’s ash to ChangAn — the one place MaoMao always wanted to go — and spread his ashes there. He then takes his new sword to where he and LongKui first met and after reminiscing alone for a while, he lets her go as well…

As of ChangQing and ZiXuan. ChangQing continues with his road to wisdom but from time to time, he still misses ZiXuan.

And she too, growing old by herself, misses him… Particularly, on this beautiful snowy day.

XueJian and Jin Tian too are also awed by the sight of snow. As Jin Tian watches XueJian laugh and dance in the snow, a thought throbs at the back of his head: he doesn’t have much time left.

Jin Tian had asked Tian Di to resurrect everyone killed by XieJianXian and Tian Di has agreed — on one condition. Jin Tian has to shorten his own life span in exchange for the lives of the deceased ones. Also, Tian Di is powerless against bringing back BiPing, MaoMao, and LongKui, whose bodies were ruined, providing no host for their souls to return.

But that’s our hero. Binded by fate and responsibility and surrounded by joy and sorrow — yet he knows he made the right decision.


This drama is riddled with loopholes and bad writing, but the final episode provided a bittersweet wrap up that’s both satisfying and dissatisfying. To me the diametrical feeling elicited at the very last moment was enough to ignore its various flaws. Anyone out there who’s still reading this, what are your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Chinese Paladin 3: Episodes 36-end”

  1. owh….at last…thanks dear..huhuhu the ending was too sad….huhuhu jing tian…dont die..huhuhu thanks again 4 da recaps! i promised myself i’ll buy d original DVD of dis series! love it so much! eventho d DVD may cost me a lot but i dont mind cuz i’m totally in love with dis series! thnx again n may god bless u dear~~~!

  2. The ending is somewhat a cliff hanger for me -_- i mean so does that mean that he’ll die and leave xiaoyiao behind ? Chinese paladin 1 would’ve been a better one if it only it has a happy ending …

  3. Thanks so much for recaping these episodes. I’m currently watching episodes in chinese but I don’t know what they’re saying half the time.

  4. I don’t want the ending for changqing and zixuan they separated like that nothing happened to them,they look good together, they had a long way to see and miss each other again…..WO Ai Ni WALLACE HUO and TIFFANY TANG……….please bring them back together again…….:(

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