Betty Sun, “Embrace Love on Tippy Toes”

I started paying attention to Betty Sun after being dazzled by her performance in New Shanghai Bund. Admittedly, most of my time was spent ogling at Mr. Heartthrob extraordinaire Huang Xiaoming during the brief yet memorable1 Shanghai Bund craze. But the fangirling didn’t blind me to the talents that beholds our actress, who, incidentally, is capable of both playful mischief and convincing innocence.

In her photo shoot accompanying interview for Trends Health Magazine, Betty Sun discussed her attitude towards love — the interview is brief and hardly encompassing but I appreciate her candor and her general kindness. To sum it up in her own words, love should be “embraced on tippy toes” — meaning it should be treated with patience, courage and tenacity as with the practice of en pointe technique.

“Animals taught me many things, more so than what I’ve given them.”

Being a dog lover, Betty Sun owns seven dogs. Five of which stays at home in Shanghai, the other two, Ye-zi (Leaf) and Ya-tou, follows her around in Beijing, where most of her work takes place. Of the two dogs on site (see image below), one is adopted from Animal Rescue League, and the other is picked up by her boyfriend Deng Chao from a public bathroom. Recalling the experience, Betty said,

“When [Deng Chao] first found the dog loitering in the men’s room, she was sick and battered. A woman in the area told him that the dog’s siblings have all died as roadkill. Look at her now, she’s healthy and lively.”

Her very first dog Xi-xi was also a homeless dog. When her aunt brought the dog home, he was in bad shape and scared of people. He often hid behind the fridge, shiver in fright.

“Maybe it’s fate. When I opened the door that day, Xi-xi came to my feet. And something clicked.”

She gave the homeless dog a bath, brushed his fur, and made him feel safe. The dog had many tumors. Although poor at the time, she was undeterred by the financial responsibility of taking care a sick dog. She started saving and using that money, she took the dog to the vet to cut out the tumors, until eventually restoring him to health.

“Animals are like that, you give them love, they will love you back without reserve. That’s something people should learn from.”

“The best relationship is one, when stripped of extravagant accessory, still flourishes.”

Speaking of her romantic life, two years ago when her relationship with actor Deng Chao became public knowledge, the couple were very high key about their affection for each other. During the years, the media has stirred up rumors of them splitting up on numerous occasions. Slowly, they’ve come to appreciate love in simplicity.

When asked what kind of relationship brings the sense of security, Betty Sun gives it some thought and responded with:

“A secure relationship feels like an umbrella. It protects me in every aspect of life. But feelings are intricate states of mind, difficult to explain. I can over-rationalize but that only leads to confusion — do I love him or do I love the feeling of being in love?

“To me, the best gift would be a hand written card. Because it tells me the card writer is willing to invest a little time to do something just for me. The thoughtfulness is what I value in a relationship.”

via: sina

1Memorable because I couldn’t remember the last time I was invested in a drama to such exorbitant degree. [back to text]

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