“Go Lala Go!” Preview

Cute and sexy, Go Lala Go!, formerly known as Du Lala’s Promotion (synopsis here), released its first trailer.

Xu Jinglei‘s fourth self-directed movie Go Lala Go! will be released on April 15, a day before her birthday. But the talented director/actress doesn’t get a break. Not only is she busy promoting for the film, plans for a sequel are being finalized as well. It surely sounds like the production team is getting ahead of themselves but the quality of the trailer suggest that they might have a good reason to.

ETA: And now, a brand new, two-minute second trailer:

via: sina

6 thoughts on ““Go Lala Go!” Preview”

  1. Just watched the film last night on youtube.


    The girls are pretty, the clothes are gorgeous, and Karen Mok’s hair is to-die-for, but EH. The film didn’t really do it for me. It’s definitely not as good as “The Devil Wears Prada” (and the only things good about that were a gay Stanley Tucci and Meryl, of course). Maybe it’s not supposed to be like “The Devil Wears Prada”, although it’s purported to be the Chinese version.

    The main problem is that I didn’t really like or identify with Du Lala at all. I haven’t read the novel, so I can’t speculate too much on her character. But, she’s just not that likeable. She was a little plucky in the beginning, especially when she first started the job. But after she grew out her hair and started dressing fashionably, she lost what little appeal she had to being with. I get that she’s not supposed to be pathetic like Bridget Jones. Yet, the reason so many women like BJ is because there’s a bit of her in all (most) of us. Plus Mr. Darcy is yummy.

    The issue with Du Lala may be that she doesn’t have that many issues. There wasn’t much going for or against her in the film, so I just couldn’t feel for her.

    This movie is also another vehicle for English-speaking Asian actors (I’m talking about you, Huang Lixing and Karen Mok) and Chinese-speaking Americans (that’s right, old white dudes) to show off their language skills. It’s OK though, since the English and Chinese spoken were very good. No Engrish or Americanese at all. Karen Mok, on top of your hair, your accent is so cute.

    What I learned from this film:
    1. Work romances are BAD because it could get you fired.
    2. Work romances are OK, if you’re the main character.
    3. Thailand is SOOO beautiful.

    Hopefully I haven’t spoiled the movie for you. Sorry, if I have 😦

    1. haha I watched it last night too. but I liked it because it’s breezy and it’s got a refreshing metropolitan feel to it — much, MUCH lighter in weight than the stuff I’ve been watching lately — so I’m inclined to be forgiving about the general contrivances.

    2. After reading all of your bullshit, i kindly requested you make a movie as you described as above”blahaaahhhh” and please choose the proper actors and actresses and direct it yourself, my dear!

      Also from your real life, please find a way to get promotion among of 16million residence in Beijing as good as Du Lala did!

      Whatever, the moive is awsome! Your above is just crap! All the best crap to you, my dearest!

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