Huang Xiaoming’s sizzling hot new MV released

I don't know about you but the word "titillated" comes to mind.

The MV for Huang Xiaoming’s new song Moopa, featured in his second album, released an hour ago:

Since releasing his first album in 2008, Huang Xiaoming has only showed off his vocal ability in the soundtrack of The Message, which climbed music charts immediately upon release. Now, two years after his debut into the music industry, he’s finally coming out with a second album called Moopa.

The word “moopa” comes from the concept of  a “moving party” where the fun doesn’t stop when the party ends. The Chinese word for moopa (暮趴) combines “twilight” (暮色) and “party” (趴体) to convey the notion that no matter what time it is, you’re the star.

The music video features Cheryl Yang, who shot to fame following her role in My Queen (she was well known as a model but after My Queen, her acting ability became widely recognized). In the process of shooting the video, Huang Xiaoming was timid at first but Cheryl’s engagement soon dissolved his initial shyness. Despite long work hours, both actors completed the music video fairly smoothly. (And boy did he look hot!)

The album releases mid March.

via: sohu

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