Meteor Shower 2 Stills Mass Released

Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Again released a giant batch of stills today.

The good news:

  • Yu Haoming gets to keep his short hair, which suits him so much better. And I mean SO. MUCH. BETTER. Zheng Shuang no longer wears hair extensions and Zhang Han doesn’t need a bottle of gel per day anymore.
    Good judgment call on the stylist. The next step, IMO, is to lose the silly dub.
  • The fashion sense is showing a much welcomed shift. Departing from the absurd color assignment in the first season (if you recall, Murong always wore blue, Shangguan always wore red, etc), the new wardrobe is observing a more earthy color selection that’s casual yet timeless. Exchanging pastel colored tees with more dressy tops, Zheng Shuang gets in touch with her feminine side while retaining the inherent cuteness.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the second female lead yet. I suppose it could mean that 1) casting is still in process or 2) she’s being kept a secret on purpose to stimulate interest.

There really isn’t much to say at this point. So why don’t y’all look through the 68 stills yourself?

8 thoughts on “Meteor Shower 2 Stills Mass Released”

  1. Wow, thanks! Lovely fashion improvement. The hair is so much better! Please tell me Metersbonwe is no longer an official sponsor!

  2. Thank goodness for the new style!! There’s a reason why God gave Asians black hair, because it looks good. Yu Haoming’s short, black hair REALLY suits him. Wonder why the production wanted to dub him in the the 1st series?

  3. I can’t wait for this to come out!!! I’m so excited and it’s such a relief to see that yu haoming looks normal now!! And Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are still are good looking. So excited!

  4. isnt’ all ppl voices in Metoer Shower cast dubbed? not just haoming, im pretty sure….

    and ppl been saying that w/ the dubbing it gives out a more better as a unified version b/c all of them have different accents……..and how they said at xiamen there are alot of background noises so their voice have to be dubbed and all of them don’t have time to? or it’s just plan to have them be dubbed anways

    i personally prefer thier real voices!! anyone know if MS2 using really voices this time?

    1. Everyone’s dubbed BUT Wei Chen and Zheng Shuang dub for their own characters.

      The uniformity argument doesn’t really hold — though it is valid — because Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are from the same region yet Zhang Han was dubbed by someone else. To me, it seemed like a lack of tolerance for diversity to care about regional accents so much.

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