Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying married in Vegas

February is a month fullllll of love. First we heard about Fish Leong’s über pretty beach wedding (the first wedding reception took place today (19th) in Kuala Lumpur. For the latest pictures, click here.) Then Angelica Lee got married to her boyfriend of seven years (see wedding photo here). There was a brief quietude as Chinese New Year coincided with Valentines Day. Suddenly, news of Blackie’s marriage proposal flooded all major entertainment news portals and video streaming websites. And now pictures of Cantonese actor/singer Jordan Chan and actress Cherrie Ying are released from their V-day wedding in Las Vegas.

Jordan & Cherrie exchanging rings

The small ceremony included 30 relatives and close friends. It took place at the Little White Wedding Chapel, a popular wedding site for celebrities. The couple love kids and plan to rear their first child within the year.

Hmm… Patty Hou, when will you get married?

via: baidu, sina

One thought on “Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying married in Vegas”

  1. u are the great actor i’ve been seen,, since the movie young and dangerous until now i’ll always support u. even u r always be just a surpporting actor but u look more great then the hero espcialy in young and dangerous (i mean ekin cheng).
    anyway, all the best to u..

    always be chicken caracter.. cheers bro…

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