Down with Love unaired episodes leaked

There has been episode leakages in the past (e.g. Starlit) but nothing beats what happened to Down with Love.

Only three episodes into its broadcasting period, all 28* episodes (in VCD format) have leaked online, available for streaming (here) and BT downloading (here). The production team is unhappy with the leak and asks fans, on the official blog, to show their support by watching the drama on TV. In attempt to salvage the post-broadcasting DVD sales in wake of the large scale leak, the production team promises to include more snippets from marketing events as bonus features.

As much as I like marathoning my dramas, I empathize with the production team. Not only does the leak reap the production of its return in investment, it discourages future productions from completing its filming before broadcasting in fear of leaks. I personally prefer dramas to be shot in advance (as opposed to shooting and airing concurrently) because the writing tends to be less rushed, thus offering better quality drama (besides it’s not as physically demanding on the actors either). Case in point: Black & White vs. Next Stop, Happiness where the latter, whose filming completed two episodes before its finale, converges towards mediocrity week after week because of tight time constraint.

*The first two episodes in the “VCD format” are 90 minutes long while the remaining 26 episodes are 40 minutes apiece. This explains the difference in reported episode count.

19 thoughts on “Down with Love unaired episodes leaked”

  1. I’m taking advantage of the leak and watching the unaired episodes right now. I’ve never been much of a fan of Ella and Jerry, but this drama is pretty darn good. There’s a definite difference between pre-broadcast production and current-broadcast production. This drama much better than Autumn Concerto or Easy Fortune Happy Life, the latter of which I wasted 18 hours of my life watching.

  2. If you could have time to recap, it would be great… It has been a long time since I enjoy Taiwanese dramas… Thoe recent dramas are boring.. Next stop hapiness and this drama definitely makes the best dramas of the end 2009-2010… ^^

  3. they are saying that they will plan to refilm for an alternative ending that is different from china’s to help with the ratings

  4. Hi all!

    May you please please please tell me where to watch the episodes that are leaked out? starting from ep 9? How many of them are leak?
    Please let me know of the webiste! and sincerely thanks!

  5. Its pretty sad that the drama leaked (but cos of that we might have an alternate ending to look forward to!) but nevertheless, I took advantage of the leak too and finished watching it in two days! Two thumbs up for Both, next stop happiness and Down with love, they’re equally as awesome! ((:

  6. is there another site with the unaired episodes uploaded? I wonder if it’s just my connection but the loading process is slow.

  7. It’s really ironic that everyone’s talking about sympathising with the production team with regards to the leak, but yet at the same time everyone is enthusiastcally parading watching the leaked episodes online.

    1. Well essentially cause we”re not from taiwan so what’s the point of refraining from watching the leaked ep.
      If this was happening in my country id think twice before watch them but here well…
      It won’t make any difference, we ain’t a part of the rating (dot)

  8. I know it’s been a long time since the last reply, but I just have to say something. Isn’t it amusing that in english, we are being asked to show support by watching it on TV. The irony here is things like this almost never get shown in the United States, and if so on asian channels they are never shown to completion (sp). I wish I had a way to support the people who make the dramas I enjoy so much, but the option is not there.

  9. can you send me a link with eng sub maybe?
    I can’t watch ep 15 en 16 which bothers me…
    more than that I almost started to cry!
    how can viikii do that to me!

    I hope you can help me out…

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