Next Stop, Happiness BTS

Brief run down of the BTS:

  1. Chris Wu doing good with the dare for reaching the 6.0 rating threshold. (Episode 18 hit 8. Thought it didn’t quite reach Fated to Love You‘s level of craze, the steady increase in ratings is still a good indication of its popuarity.)
  2. Behind the scenes of a few segments in the recent episodes
  3. NGs (that’s always the best part)
  4. Post-filming thoughts & celebration

Now, the BTS:

2 thoughts on “Next Stop, Happiness BTS”

  1. i heard that autumn’s concerto ep 20 is not going to be aired this week because of the Chinese New Year… I am DYING to know how the couple will get back together after such a brutal fight (she left him AGAIN after just ONE phone call!!).

    Are you planning on recapping any episodes following ep 13? I am look forward to reading your thoughts on ep 14 (when GX explodes with anger) and ep 19 (I don’t understand MC’s passive attitude… maybe you can enlighten me).

    I won’t hold my breath for them so no pressure… LOL

    Have a great Chinese New Year!

    1. Have a great Chinese New Yr to you too!

      I’m going to recap 18. Just haven’t gotten around to do that yet. Wasn’t planning to recap 19 but if time permits (with 20 being pushed back and all), I may.

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