Next Stop, Happiness ♫-track

Waiting for my episode 18 recap? It’s on its way.

It just won’t get here in the next 24 hours. So have a cup of coffee to go with the mind-numbing wait. And, while you’re at it, won’t you put on some music, say, the OST?

If you’re checking out the OST, you might want to give Ring Ding’s album a try as well. Only because her songs are exclusively featured in the drama’s soundtrack and it seems logical a place to promote the artist.

If you’ve done all of the above and the recap still hasn’t materialized, write me a hearty comment (or two). I’d love that and maybe it’ll motivate me to write faster too.

5 thoughts on “Next Stop, Happiness ♫-track”

  1. ^^ Thanks a lot for your recap… If there wasnt bcoz of ur recap of this drama, I didnt really know the drama is so good to watch… 🙂

  2. Love your recaps. I find your opinions interesting and unique, though a little harsh sometimes. Oh well, just an opinion too, after all. AC may not be perfect, but it gets quite close. In fact, I prefer it to FTLY. Anyway, seriously can’t wait for that recap since you’ve been neglecting AC for quite a while already!!! XD

  3. Can’t wait to hear your opinion about episode 18…

    I actually started watching it after reading your recap for firs three episodes, so thank you for enlightening me about this good drama!

    Thank you!!!

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