Ady An, An Edgy Side

Ady An is pretty well established in Mainland China already, Next Stop, Happiness just kicked her popularity up a notch.With her increased exposure, come more filming contracts, interviews, and photo shoots.

Here is a recent photo shoot slash interview Ady did on dealing with gossips.

Ady has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time and has developed a set of skills to deal with unpleasant news reports. To this, she attributes to Huang Xiao Ming’s help.

A couple years back, rumors about an underground relationship between Ady and Huang Xiao Ming spread after they costarred Da Han Tian Zi III. Being close friends, they attended a friend’s birthday party together after the rumor had started. The seemingly innocuous get-together exacerbated the on-going gossip and Ady was not happy about it.

“I was very upset so I called Huang Xiao Ming to vent. I said, ‘Huang Xiao Ming, you told me it would be safe to go to the party! Look what happened!’ He simply asked me which floor I was on and told me to jump off the building.

“When I didn’t respond, he continued, ‘Being an actress, what haven’t you seen? If you let every small thing get to you, you don’t have what it takes to be an entertainer. You might as well jump off [the building] right now.’ After listening to him, I calmed down. It occurred to me that he was using reverse psychology to make me realize that being in this industry, many things are outside our control. To survive, I have to learn to ignore [the gossips] and adjust my own attitude.”

To sum up the mini interview, Ady was asked to describe herself. [She] concedes that she’s very direct — which is what I like about her. She says that she doesn’t put on pretenses. If she likes someone, she will pour her heart out. If people ask her to do something, she’s not one to dodge the request with polite excuses.

I always think thigh-high boots look a little trampy but Ady pulls it off with her stunningly pretty legs. Add the combination of a snazzy dress and a fake gun, she looks quite edgy.

via: sohu

4 thoughts on “Ady An, An Edgy Side”

  1. I think being a woman gives us every right and excuse to wear something that makes us feel sexy. So more power to her. Though I couldn’t wear heels that high though. Killer on the arches. 🙂

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