Jerry Yan’s “Secret Love”

My Jerry Yan fans, where are you guys? Cos, I’ve got some goodies for y’all.

Jerry Yan & Ella Chen in "Down with Love"

Okay, here’s the thing: as previously mentioned, Down with Love, starring Jerry Yan and Ella Chen will begin broadcasting this weekend. HOWEVER — here’s the big however — I will not be recapping the drama despite its recent publicity (namely the public wedding held on the day before yesterday). To compensate — because for some mysteriously unknown reason, I do kinda feel bad — I am going to share Jerry’s new compilation album, “My Secret Love”, instead.

You can find details about the album on asianfanatics or click here to save some time browsing.

Without further ado, here’s CD 1 & CD 2

7 thoughts on “Jerry Yan’s “Secret Love””

      1. haha yes. like Hot Shot type of short hair.
        even Starlit type of short hair is fine.
        i don’t know why he wants to keep his hair growing long.

  1. I just found out about this drama and I was hoping you would do the recaps but oh well! I really enjoyed your recaps for fated to love you! thanks so much.

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